How Does Remote Guarding Work?

How Does Remote Guarding Work?

If you’re considering adding remote guarding to your security plan, you might want to know a little more about how it works. It’s growing in popularity for those who want to lower costs without lowering safety. It’s also a smart solution for areas that require security but are vast, far-flung, inclement, hazardous, or attractive nuisances. Security professionals monitor cameras from a central location 24/7/365. They can issue voice warnings to encourage intruders to leave or alert law enforcement as needed.


What Can Remote Security Guarding Do?

Businesses like car lots, recycling centers, or oil platforms that are difficult to monitor with foot patrols are the perfect fit for remote guarding. When there is a lot of ground to cover, it’s easy for intruders to learn the routes and schedules of security guards unless you have many guards, which can be prohibitively expensive and, in most cases, unnecessary. With careful camera coverage, an extensive area can be covered through remote guarding. Use motion-activated cameras and lighting for deterrence or add infrared cameras to eliminate blind spots. Remote video security monitoring can be a valuable addition to your security team in the event of an active shooter event, protests, or when your building is vacant for any reason. It can be used to hire fewer security guards or to make your guards’ jobs easier.


How Remote Guarding Works

Virtual security officers in the remote security operations center use your network-enabled video cameras to view your entire property at once. Boost your tech with motion sensing, heat sensing, and lidar or radar technologies for even more thorough and efficient coverage of your property. A recorded video snippet of the trigger and a live view of the scene are presented to the virtual security officer, ensuring an immediate response.

Virtual guards can notify an onsite guard or law enforcement, issue a verbal warning to the intruder, or if the camera was triggered by something as simple as wandering wildlife, they can prevent an in-person guard from wasting time with a false alarm.


What Businesses are the Best Fit for Remote Security Monitoring?

Remote guards have a place in virtually any business or environment. Here are just a few and more about why it works:


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