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Tips to Enhance Your Nighttime Lockup Routine

Tips to Enhance Your Nighttime Lockup Routine

Security means different things to different people. Some feel secure with a large security staff that can act as a deterrent to intruders. Others believe armed guards are essential to keeping valued people and property safe. Still, others will reach for the most cutting-edge of security technology to help them sleep at night. But sometimes, securing your property is as simple as an efficient and consistent nighttime lockup routine.


Consider these tips to creating an effective nighttime routine:


Establish a Consistent Routine

Perform the same tasks in the same order. It’s the best way to avoid skipping any steps. Walk the property locking doors, closing gates, and setting the alarm.


Document the Procedure

Put the closing process in writing and train employees on all security policies and emergency procedures.


Stash Any Valuables

Have all staff members put any valuable items out of sight, securing them in a locked area where possible. Close any blinds, particularly on ground-level windows.


Encourage Employee Alertness

Train staff members to watch for and report any unusual activity or suspicious behavior. The more alert eyes, the better.


Know Who Belongs in the Building

Watch for out-of-place employees. Know which staff members are authorized to be in the building after hours or at closing time.


Clear Out Guests

For employee safety, you need to know everyone that comes in and out of your building. Be sure guests, vendors, workers, or clients are supervised during their visit and escorted from the building before the end of the day.


Avoid Employees Working Alone

An employee working alone at night is a risk. They can be vulnerable to intruders or they could have ill-intent themselves. If they must stay late, they should notify a supervisor and all doors should be locked and properly secured.


Double-check Exit and Entry Points

Look for vulnerabilities such as open elevators, insecure fire escapes, and open reception areas. Check windows and doors to be sure they are locked and in good repair.


Maintain the Property

Your nighttime lockup routine will be easier if you keep the property in good repair. Avoid blind spots with floodlights and motion detectors. Be sure any burned-out bulbs are replaced. Keep landscaping trimmed. Check the locks on doors, windows, and gates. Schedule for immediate repair of any damage to doors, windows, and fences. Repair immediately


Add Remotely Monitored Security Cameras

Remote guarding protects your business even after you have locked up for the day. If you’d like to know more about how our VirtuGuard™ remote guarding services can add peace of mind to your nighttime lockup routine, call 404-793-6965 or, contact the experts at BOS Security today.


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