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Maximizing Security Through Remote Guarding: How Technology Can Reduce Guard Hours

Remote Guarding: Your First Step To a New Security Plan

Security is a top priority for any enterprise or business. With the continuous introduction and evolution of technology, more and more companies are turning to remote guarding as a way to keep their premises safe and secure. In this blog, we’ll explore what remote guarding is and its features and qualities, including: 

  • Benefits 
  • How technology can help reduce guard hours 
  • Types 
  • Mechanics 
  • Best practices 
  • Security measures 
  • Costs associated with remote guarding  

VirtuGuard™ interactive remote guarding services provide virtual security to give businesses peace of mind and support physical security officers. 

Introduction to Remote Guarding 

Remote guarding is a security solution that uses technology to monitor an area or property from a remote location. It is a cost-effective way of protecting a property, as it can supplement and sometimes replace physical guards. The technology used in remote guarding includes closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras, motion sensors, video analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), thermal sensors, access control, audio monitoring, voice announcement delivery, and more. Through this technology, our security personnel can monitor the area in real-time from our remote VirtuGuard™ Command Center and take action if any suspicious activity is detected. 

Benefits of Remote Guarding 

The primary benefit of remote guarding is that it increases security by augmenting or supporting human guards. This reduces the costly overhead associated with hiring, training, and managing security staff. VirtuGuard remote guarding also reduces the risk of human error and increases the effectiveness of security measures as the technology deployed is constantly monitored and updated as needed. Additionally, remote guarding allows for quick response times in the event of a security breach as the system can alert security personnel to any suspicious activity. Rather than having to travel on foot or by car to the site of an incident, a Command Center Agent can directly access the associated cameras near an event or incident. 

How Technology Can Reduce Guard Hours 

The technology used in remote guarding is designed to reduce the number of guard hours needed to protect a property. By using video analytics like AI and motion sensors, a system can be set up to detect any suspicious activity and alert the onsite or remote security personnel. During times where a business or location is not busy or active, VirtuGuard™ can reduce the need for a physical guard by acting as virtual eyes and ears. Rather than creating multiple shifts or hiring multiple officers for the same location, surveillance cameras and other security infrastructure can be used to monitor a property 24/7. Additionally, remote guarding can reduce human error or provide support and protection for onsite officers. VirtuGuardnot only reduces guard hours but also increases the effectiveness of the security measures as the security infrastructure can detect any potential threats before they occur. 

The Mechanics of Remote Guarding 

The mechanics of remote guarding involve the setup of the security infrastructure and the monitoring of the property. The infrastructure is set up by installing CCTV cameras, AI capabilities, motion sensors, access control devices, audio speakers, and other technologies at the property. Once the system is set up, the security personnel can monitor the property from a remote location using a host of video analytics and other monitoring tools. The system is constantly monitored, and if any suspicious activity is detected through AI or virtual guard tours, the security personnel can respond quickly and take any necessary measures. Response to an event may include activating audio speakers to deliver voice announcements to suspicious individuals, alerting onsite physical security officers of an event, or dispatching local police to respond as necessary. 

Best Practices for Remote Guarding 

When implementing VirtuGuard remote guarding, it is important to use the best practices to ensure the security of the property. The first step is to install the right type of security infrastructure for the property and needs of the business. This will depend on the size and layout of the property as well as the security requirements. It is also important to use the right type of equipment and ensure that it is regularly serviced and updated as needed to avoid technical error. Additionally, it is important to ensure that the security personnel monitoring the property are trained and experienced in the use of the system. Proper training can include in-depth reviews of security infrastructure and software, site-specific protocols, and appropriate response to a wide range of incidents or events. 

Security Measures When Using Remote Guarding 

When using remote guarding, it is important to ensure that the system is secure and cannot be compromised. This means that it is important to use secure passwords and two-factor authentication for the system to ensure that the data collected by the system is secure and cannot be accessed by unauthorized personnel. To avoid false alarms, missed events, and system failures, it is also important to ensure that the system is regularly monitored and that any suspicious activity is reported and reacted to immediately. 

Costs of Remote Guarding 

The cost of remote guarding depends on a variety of factors and services that can be customized to each business and property. Generally, the cost of VirtuGuard™ will be determined by the amount of cameras being monitored and the activity level of each property. To learn more about the cost of remote video monitoring, read our blog “How Much Does Remote Video Monitoring Cost?” 


Remote guarding is a cost-effective way of protecting a property, as it reduces the need for physical security guards and supports onsite officers in the efficiency of their response. By using technology such as CCTV cameras, motion sensors, and Artificial Intelligence, security personnel can monitor a property in real-time and take action if any suspicious activity is detected. Additionally, remote guarding can reduce guard hours and increase the effectiveness of the security measures. It is important to use best practices when implementing remote guarding and ensure that the system is secure and regularly monitored. If you are considering implementing remote guarding for your property, call VirtuGuard to discuss your site. 

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