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Does AI Assist Remote Guarding?

Does AI Assist Remote Guarding?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming a critical factor in the future of security. AI is becoming increasingly more sophisticated, helping remote guarding become more thorough and accurate. The strength of AI is its ability to learn patterns such as the amount of foot or automobile traffic to be expected and when. AI is gaining popularity among security professionals because it’s becoming increasingly reliable in facial recognition, instruction prevention, and preventing false alarms.

Facial Recognition

AI can begin to recognize faces. By combining remote monitoring with AI, alerts can be sent if anomalies are detected. If someone is on the premises who doesn’t belong there or at the wrong time. The AI software will know. AI can allow businesses or events to process and high volume of people more quickly than typical remote monitoring. AI can be used for facial recognition in a wide variety of applications and locations such as airports, events, schools, commercial and business buildings, government offices, and other public places.

Intrusion Prevention

An AI system can use sensors including ground sensors and standard, infrared and thermal cameras to detect intrusion into restricted areas and notify on-site guards or law enforcement to investigate. AI can learn when vehicles are expected and the approximate size and weight of vehicles that are permitted. AI can “see” beyond weather, foliage, shadows, etc., and still detect intrusions that should be investigated.

Preventing False Alarms

AI can avoid wasting the time of security officers or law enforcement. By using algorithms based on previous behavior and events, AI can distinguish between people and objects and, in many cases, identify them with a high degree of accuracy.

What Role Does AI Play In Security?

Through machine learning, AI gets increasingly accurate, and able to serve as the eyes and ears of security guards. AI-enabled cameras can be remotely monitored by centrally located security officers to increase their accuracy in identifying intruders and other hazards. AI can be a valuable tool in a suite of security products and services.

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