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What I Do Matters: Denise Brightwell

What I Do Matters: Denise Brightwell

Inez “Denise” Brightwell has over forty years of combined experience in the security industry. As one of BOS Security’s longest-serving employees, Denise takes her work seriously and cares deeply for the client she serves.  

For thirteen years, Officer Brightwell served in the United States Air Force under the Law Enforcement and Security division. She identifies as a disabled veteran, having left the military after an injury. After leaving the Air Force, Denise worked a variety of jobs in a variety of service industries, working diligently and receiving promotions during each endeavor.  

She first began working for BOS Security in the Fall of 2009, after BOS Security acquired the security contract at the Synovus bank and corporate offices in downtown Athens, Georgia. Officer Brightwell had been working for the prior security provider for a year before BOS Security took over the contract. Since first providing security for Synovus in 2008, Denise has been the sole security provider for that location for almost 15 years.  

Over the course of her time working at Synovus, Officer Brightwell has gotten to know the staff and customers of the bank closely, treating them like family and having the favor returned. While she’s expected to secure the premises, monitor patrons, and provide the presence of security, Denise provides much more than that. She has become a staple of the Synovus office, being deemed an “ambassador” rather than the security officer.  

For Officer Denise Brightwell, being a security officer requires much more than being vigilant conducting building patrols. It is about serving the client and building relationships with those she greets every day. It is about building trust with a client and their staff and acting when needed, all of which she has done successfully. 

For those interested in entering the security industry, Officer Brightwell offers the following advice: “Security is about helping and that’s all it is. You’re a servant to whatever they need you for, whether it be securing a building, securing someone, or maybe watching something. If you’re unable to do that, then security is not for you.” 

What I Do Matters Because… 

“What I do matters because it is a necessary position for the safety of mankind. Especially the mankind here at my building.” 

The Most Rewarding Part of My Job Is… 

“The most rewarding part of my job is seeing the people that I work around. Because I do check on everybody when I see them come in during the daytime. I’m walking down halls going by saying good morning, seeing how they’re doing.” 

What Are You Most Proud of at Work? 

“What I am most proud of at work is the people that I work with. 


Officer Denise Brightwell goes above and beyond for both Synovus and BOS Security and has become a staple for both companies. She is dedicated to treating each person who passes through the bank with respect and kindness and demands the same for herself. Adamant about viewing people and their actions beyond a surface level, Denise says, “Don’t get into the security profession if you can’t see a side two ways. There are always two sides to a story and always two sides to anything that you go into. Be open-minded. Be a person that can be accepted into anything and everything that goes on around you.” 

As one of BOS Security’s longest-serving Officers, we are proud to shine a spotlight on Officer Brightwell and the excellent service she provides daily.  


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