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Better Parking Lot Security Begins with Blind Spots

Better Parking Lot Security Begins with Blind Spots

Parking lots are among the most neglected security hotspots. Commonly, security is focused on preventing intruders from entering your building, but with a well-monitored parking lot, you can stop them before they get to the door. The difficulty is that parking lots can cover a large area, sometimes acres in the case of larger businesses. Providing adequate security can be daunting. Poor lighting, shadows, and obstructed views can create blind spots that can make full visibility nearly impossible.

How can you improve parking lot security?

Install more cameras

The more cameras you have to cover the area, the better you’ll be able to see every corner of your parking lots. Use a combination of visible and concealed cameras for both deterrence and detection. It’s often more efficient and cost-effective than adding more guards to your security staff while still providing comprehensive coverage.

Use infrared cameras

Infrared enables you to view the parking lot even in the dark. These cameras read a heat signature, which can prevent false alarms from events like a shrub blowing in the wind. It’s also easier to tell the difference between a human who doesn’t belong there and a raccoon sauntering past an automobile because you can clearly see an outline of the subject observed.

Use remote monitoring

Remote video monitoring provides 24/7 coverage of your parking lot. Trained security experts watch all cameras in real-time from a central location.  With remote security, you don’t have to worry about weather, absenteeism, overtime or under or overstaffing –  all the inconveniences that come with the human element.

Control the environment

Trim back landscaping to make it easier for cameras and guards to do their jobs. Increase lighting throughout the lot to reduce shadows and hiding spots. Low traffic areas are ideal spots for motion-activated lighting. It provides coverage without waste. Place cameras in locations that are difficult to vandalize or damage.

Eliminate blind spots

Increased camera coverage, infrared cameras, and remote monitoring can all help increase security in your parking lots. Combining the latest technology with strategic use of on-and off-site personnel can go a long way to preventing blind spots that make your parking lot vulnerable to criminals.

Need expert security advice?

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