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Improve Your Security’s Real-Time Incident Response Rate

Improve Your Security's Real-Time Incident Response Rate

Virtual monitoring can catch crimes or incidents quickly, allowing for an immediate response from security guards at the location. Integrating remote guarding into your security plan can prevent escalation and limit the impact the incident will have on your business, people, and property. Remote guards can alert on-site guards or law enforcement and follow the intruder’s progress through the property so they can be questioned or apprehended right away.


Reduce False Alarms

Remote guards can keep security officers from wasting time with false alarms that can distract them from their duties. Security cameras can be triggered by something as simple as wildlife or weather. Watching the action on video allows remote guards an accurate overview of what is happening on-site. It gives a single guard the eyes and ears of however many cameras you have in place. Security or law enforcement can respond quickly to the right incident instead of leaving their post to investigate blowing cardboard or a mischievous raccoon.


Prevent Escalation

Remote guards working in concert with security officers can prevent small events from becoming larger ones. For example, if they observe a small fire, they can notify the guard or fire department before it rages out of control. Monitors can see if a door blows open in a storm, they can alert the on-site guard before damage or intrusion can occur. If they see an employee or guest collapse, alerting an officer and first responders quickly can be a matter of life and death.


Keep Guards Connected

Remote security guards see the big picture. They know what is happening over the entire property, whereas individual security officers only know the areas they can observe from their posts or on patrol. Remote monitors can keep them informed of conditions, events and incidents over the entire property. The closest or most appropriately trained guard can respond as needed. In the example above, when someone collapses, the security guard with the most first aid training can be deployed, rather than the closest guard, which might be standard procedure for incident response.

Remote video security monitoring can also help your security team to respond quickly and safely in the event of an active shooter event, protests, or other disturbances.



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