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Security Tips for Hybrid and Fully Remote Business Models

Security Tips for Hybrid and Fully Remote Business Models

New security challenges come to light as businesses increasingly adopt remote and hybrid business models. Whether your company is fully remote, has a portion of your workforce working from home full time, or leverages remote work flexibility as needed, you need a security plan that works for you.


Fully Remote Model

The primary concern with a remote workplace is cybersecurity. As an employer, your control is reduced. The ideal solution is for the company to provide equipment for remote employees, which typically is the case. But don’t forget about security measures such as antivirus software. It should be employer-provided to ensure consistency and remind your team to update their software regularly.


Remote As Needed

This subcategory of hybrid work is seldom discussed but maybe the most common and holds the most risk. These organizations are primarily or entirely in-office but authorize employees to work from home because of weather, illness, family commitments, etc. The lack of structure in this option can mean that employees are working on their own devices, which may not be secure. Put measures in place to keep your network secure by providing equipment or requiring employees to maintain certain security standards, such as downloading approved software or avoiding unsecured routers.


Hybrid Workplace

This model requires employers to focus on both physical and cybersecurity. The security measures discussed above work when employees work from home, but what about when they are in the office. If the employee population varies from day to day, it can be tough to know how many security officers to keep on-premise. For many employers, the answer is remote security guard services.


Why Remote Security Guard Services

Remote security monitoring is a flexible solution for keeping up with variable needs. Keep a core staff of on-site guards for deterrence and peace of mind. This staff can be augmented on-demand by working with a security services provider while the property is covered by network-enabled cameras monitored from a central location. This option controls costs in unpredictable circumstances without sacrificing security quality and coverage.



Partner With a Top Security Guard Company

Your security partner can help you develop strategies to keep your organization safe no matter which business model you choose. They can help you analyze your options and help you decide on the right security mix to keep your interests protected no matter where your employees work. If you would like to schedule a security assessment, please contact the experts at BOS Security today.

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