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 Protection Through Remote Guarding: Retail Establishments 

Retail establishments have always been at risk of loss through shrink, fraud, and break-ins. You have both inventory and cash that thieves and fraudsters want. You want to prevent theft, but don’t want customers to feel unwelcome. Security officers can seem like overkill in stores that don’t sell high-ticket items as well as being prohibitively expensive for some retailers. Remote guarding, on the other hand, can provide just the right amount of security. Cameras can be unobtrusive to monitor without being seen, or they can be openly visible to deter theft as well.


In a time when many regions of the country are in lockdown and stores go unoccupied for extended periods of time, security risks can shift. Under any circumstances, remoting guarding is a sensible part of your security strategy. It can identify high-risk behavior, track movement of perpetrators, and alert guards on the ground to what is going on.


While there may be no foot traffic in your store currently, making shoplifting less of a risk, an empty business is a vulnerable one. With no employees or customers to avoid, robbers can enter your building by jimmying a back door or throwing a brick through a window. These kinds of brute force attacks can be hard to prevent, but remote guarding can alert you and the police. It can show the direction intruders came from and where they went. On-site guards or law enforcement can be alerted. When they respond, remote guards can provide descriptions of the perpetrators as well as guidance or the best direction for pursuit.


Remote security video monitoring can avoid the need for random patrols. Security officers can be where they are always needed most. One of the risks of regular patrols is the savvy thieves can track and anticipate the guard’s routines, knowing exactly how much time they have to get in and out before the guard returns. Remote guarding removes this risk because every area with a camera is guarded without interruption. Law enforcement can be on location before thieves even know they have been detected.


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