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What I Do Matters: Ashley Wilcoxson

What I Do Matters: Ashley Wilcoxson

The term “positive energy” seems to have been invented with BOS Security officer Ashley Wilcoxson in mind. Officer Wilcoxson is filled with upbeat, affirming, and jubilant energy for everyone she meets. And her magnetic personality underscores her joy for making others feel safe, secure, and positive themselves.

Originally from Detroit, Officer Wilcoxson has been in the Atlanta area since 2008. She enjoys the city’s southern hospitality, along with her preference for a warmer climate. Although she does miss the Motor City on occasion, Officer Wilcoxson is happy to call Atlanta home.

This new mom, whose baby boy Auvi celebrated his first birthday on June 15th, works security a Consulate office of a foreign government on Peachtree Street in downtown Atlanta. She began working there after a few months of security duty at an apartment complex north of the city. In her consulate detail Officer Wilcoxson has definitely found her niche.

With tension high amid the COVID-19 restrictions Officer Wilcoxson still manages to create a positive vibe and encourage smiles from all of those she serves. Not one to let a language barrier stand in the way of putting folks at ease, Ashley Wilcoxson has even picked up a little bit of the language of the staff and visitors in her consulate. Just this past week Officer Wilcoxson encountered a visitor and her son, whom she recognized from a picture on display at the consulate. They became fast friends. As Ashley puts it, “The human connection with people, in general, and especially people of other cultures, is one of the best experiences. And it comes from my job.”

Here are some additional reasons BOS Security is pleased to have Officer Wilcoxson on the job;

What I do Matters Because

“I make people feel safe and secure. Security is important, especially in a government facility. In many cases there are transactions where money is involved, there are also time-sensitive situations, and tensions can run high. These people can trust me to provide a safe and secure atmosphere, so they have the freedom to do what they came to do. People appreciate being kept safe and I am the eyes and ears here do they can feel secure.”

The Most Rewarding Part of My Job

“I feel rewarded when people thank me. These consulate workers and government workers have important jobs to do. The people who come here count on them to do their job. Knowing that I can contribute to them doing their job well and then having them acknowledge my part is very rewarding.”

What I am Most Proud of at Work

“The Consulate in Atlanta serves the southeast region. This is a very prestigious workplace, and I am proud of my part in keeping people safe and secure. This is a professional position, and I feel honored. Working with people from different cultures opens a world of possibilities for human connection.”

Although her official title may be that of Security Officer, Ashley Wilcoxson holds the unofficial title of Ambassador of Positive Energy, at the Consulate and more than likely wherever she goes.


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