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Atlanta Crime Report: How COVID-19 Influenced Crime Rates 

There has been much discussion regarding the impact of COVID-19 on public health and the economy. The question remains, has there been any impact on crime rates? In the case of Atlanta, GA, at least, the answer is yes, but maybe not in the ways you would expect.


Many Types Of Crime Are Down

According to Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields, violent crime is down 19 percent for the time period between March 11 and May 2. Part 1 crimes, as a category, are down 26 percent. This includes murder, manslaughter, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, motor vehicle theft, and arson. She believes for this drop can be attributed to the reduction in social interactions in public places – especially those activities fueled by drugs or alcohol.


Domestic Violence Is Up 42%

This may come as no surprise to many. People are locked up together with no escape. It creates a stressful situation. Money is tight, tempers flare, and it may be impossible to employ coping strategies such as leaving a highly charged situation. Many of the resources domestic abuse victims rely on may not be available. According to Shields, many of these incidents are first time offenders.


What Does This Mean For Your Security?

If you own or operate residential properties such as apartments, condos, or gated communities, be sure that you have the tools and resources needed to keep residents safe. Add or update cameras to ensure coverage. Increase foot patrols or hire additional guards to have eyes and ears on the full property. Train your guards to identify potential domestic abuse incidents. They may be accustomed to looking for intruders, but may not know that the worst offenders may be the people they serve.


Prepare To Ramp Up

As businesses reopen, there will be a great deal of pent up demand. This means there is potential for property crimes and assaults. As public areas become more crowded, there is a potential for differences of opinion on personal space and other factors related to the virus.


How Can You Protect Your People And Property?

A combination of on-site security guards and remote monitoring is likely to deliver the best results for most businesses. Guards on the ground can monitor suspicious behavior or compliance with any current COVID-19 best practices. Remote monitoring can be present where a guard often cannot – such as hazardous or remote areas. It can also augment what your own ground force can offer.

At BOS Security, we can provide both. Our security guards are available on-site whenever you need them. They are trained, dedicated, and ready to keep you safe, even in times when a crime is on the rise. We also offer Virtuguard remote video security monitoring, a popular option for our customers who need an additional security layer or a cost-effective method of covering a large area.

Contact the experts at BOS Security to discuss the best options for you.

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