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Protection Through Remote Guarding: Automotive Dealerships

Protection Through Remote Guarding: Automotive Dealerships

Auto Dealerships are challenging to protect. You’ve got a high-value, high-demand product that takes up a lot of room. Your inventory can be spread over a vast area, including auxiliary lots, making it difficult to cover with adequate security. For many, the answer is remote guarding, but is that the best or only option?

On-site Guards

Consider the place of in-person guards in your automotive dealership security plan. Security Guards can act as a deterrent to some thieves. For those who might steal a car on impulse, a little eye contact from an authority figure may be all it takes to convince a would-be thief to think twice. Security guards are also exceptional in some situations, such as deescalating minor incidents before they get out of hand. They are also helpful in scenarios that require subtly and insight, such as employee-involved crime. Insiders might be able to dodge cameras, but an alert security officer can notice things like surreptitious glances or meetings between people who have no real business together.

Remote Guarding

There is a big difference between someone who wants to take a car for a joyride and a criminal who is part of an organized car theft ring. Preventing or solving this kind of crime takes a strategic approach, where remote guarding can come in. Remote guards are there for you 24/7 365 no matter the weather and are not subject to fatigue, illness, or distraction. You can install cameras cost-effectively. It’s generally less expensive than hiring security guards.

Thoughtful placement of cameras can prevent blind spots, and with enough cameras, you can cover an extensive area – even areas that are dangerous or hard to access. For example, if you have auxiliary lots, it could be very expensive to hire enough guards to cover a far-flung area. Cameras are only part of the occasion. Unless they are monitored, you can’t prevent costly theft; you can only react to it. Even with recordings, you won’t be able to do anything about theft or vandalism until the following day, by which time the criminals could be long gone.

Combined Approach

The best solution for automotive dealership security may be a combination of remote guarding and on-site security officers. Guards and visible cameras can act as a deterrent, while covert, infrared, or motion-activated cameras can gather evidence. Add remote guards to the mix, and you have a comprehensive security solution for your auto dealership.

VirtuGuard™ Remote Video Surveillance

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