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Protection Through Remote Guarding: Cannabis Farms

Protection Through Remote Guarding: Cannabis Farms

Depending on the variety, cannabis plants can grow several feet high, making line-of-sight observation nearly impossible for guards who are quite literally in the weeds. But because cannabis plants are valuable and often targeted for theft, a comprehensive security strategy is vital. How can cannabis farmers protect their crops effectively?

Remote guarding is a smart solution

Remote guarding is a valuable weapon in your security arsenal. Cannabis dispensaries and farms or other grow facilities can have products worth hundreds of thousands of dollars on hand. Security is obviously a valid concern. Remote video monitoring is safer and more cost-effective than stationing guards on site. Remote guards provide 24-hour surveillance monitoring, you can keep your product safe without putting people at risk.

Augment security patrols

In-person security guards have been the traditional method of protecting a cannabis business, but in many cases, it’s not enough, or not safe enough. A lone guard might be enough to frighten away nuisance teenagers looking to grab a handful of plants for their own use, but they are not the worst threat. Organized criminals are more menacing and difficult to deter. They will take measures to outwit or distract the guard, are likely to steal at high value, and are often not above using violence to get their way.

Protect security staff

While security guards know their jobs are high risk, why put them in harm’s way if it can be avoided? Remote monitoring can help to keep security officers safer, buy alerting them as to the location of intruders, whether or not they are armed, and can request backup from law enforcement if needed.

Reduce security costs

Virtual security can provide robust security monitoring at a fraction of the cost of hiring additional guards. Backed by the latest technologies like motion detection and infrared cameras, remote guards can assess the situation and formulate a suitable response.

Partner with police

If law enforcement is alerted they can provide the dispatcher with descriptions of the intruders and keep them abreast of their movement and location as well as providing descriptions. Video or photographic evidence can be provided if criminal charges are filed.

Protect your cannabis business with remote guarding

The experts at BOS Security can help. Our team will work with you to put together a plan to secure your grow operation or dispensary against trespassing, vandalism, and theft. To learn more about our VirtuGuard remote security monitoring service, contact us at 404-793-6965.

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