Forecasting the Role of Security in 2021

Forecasting the Role of Security in 2021

2020 was a year like no other, and businesses had to find new ways to adapt. With more employees working remotely, there are security vulnerabilities that had never been seen before. Buildings formerly bustling with activity are now vacant or down to a skeleton crew. Businesses that had taken pride in their locked-down networks have to find a way to deal with a distributed workforce in which employees may be working from their couches on personal laptops. Who knows when they last updated their antivirus software or who else may have access to their computer?


Securing access

When remote work was primary confined to road warriors or executives, VPN was often the access point of choice, but it is plagued with latency. It is not really suited to large numbers of employees seeking access simultaneously. It’s difficult to silo VPN access; remote workers may have access to information they should not. VPNs have also been subject to hacks by cybercriminals, which can leave your business vulnerable.

Companies who anticipate remote work to be part of their long-term business plan will be seeking strategies to maintain security while providing appropriate network access Educating your staff on proper security measures is an integral part of that effort. Cybercriminals have grown more sophisticated. Phishing attempts are near impossible to detect. Be sure your remote team knows what to look for to protect themselves.


Controlling costs

Fear of the unknown has led companies to tighten their belts even if they are not yet feeling the pinch. Fortunately, the pandemic has also presented opportunities to cut back on expenses. With fewer people working on-site, costs for utilities can be lower. You’re likely to need fewer lights and be able to spend less on heating and cooling. That also means you may not need as many security offers in the building. By replacing or augmenting them with remote security guards, you may recognize significant cost savings without sacrificing security.


New work environment

With any luck, sometime in 2021, we’ll be back to a normal workplace, but it will be a new normal, most likely. There may be new protocols in effect if COVID-19 is still a factor, such as requiring masks or temperature checks. Unfortunately, not everyone will be cooperative, and you may need security to be part of the solution for guidance and enforcement. Remote monitoring can help detect temperatures and population density. Guards stationed in the building can ensure that no one who doesn’t follow protocols is not permitted access.

Following a year no one could have anticipated, it’s tough to plan for 2021, but making security a priority can make it easier for everything else to fall in place.


BOS Security can help you plan for the unexpected

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