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It Is Proven. Remote Guarding Gives You Cost Savings

Remote Guarding Cost Savings

You might already have security cameras to help reduce security incidents, but is it enough?

In most cases, no. Without someone actively watching the camera feeds, you won’t know something happened until it’s already done.

Investing in remote guarding alongside other security measures, such as on-premises security guards, actually saves your business money in more ways than one.

Reduces Insurance Premiums

“I love my insurance premiums,” said no business ever. Adding extra security measures to mitigate your risks actually helps to reduce your overall premiums. Think of it as that discount you get on your auto insurance for having airbags.

Implementing remote guarding also helps you uncover ways your employees are creating unnecessary safety hazards. The guards report what they’ve seen so you can implement better safety policies and training, which also helps reduce your insurance premiums.

Costs Less Than On-Premises Guards

While it’s a good idea to have at least two security guards to cover more area, it’s not always in your business’s budget. However, remote guarding is cheaper. Since the guard doesn’t face the same risk as on-premises guards, you pay less.

It’s important to remember that it’s still a good idea to have at least one guard on the premises. This allows the remote guard to contact them if they notice anything suspicious.


Reduces Lawsuits

Sadly, businesses often face lawsuits due to employee and customer injuries. However, it’s not always the business’s fault. Security cameras often catch the incidents, but you may not even realize that the incident wasn’t due to your negligence.

For instance, a remote guard might notice an employee playing around on a forklift which resulted in an injury. If the guard reports this and knows exactly what time the incident occurred, you have immediate proof that the injury was the employee’s fault and not your business’s. This allows you to eliminate lawsuit costs and of course, all the hassle.


Reduces Employee Theft

Employee theft doesn’t just involve a few office supplies. Employees might steal tablets, laptops, confidential files, prototypes and more. A remote guard sees when employees act suspicious, enter rooms they shouldn’t and quickly hide items they shouldn’t have.

All it takes is a quick call to management and the issue is handled immediately. This saves businesses hundreds and even thousands every year. While this may not help in fraud and embezzlement cases, it does help against physical thefts.

Prevents Recovery Costs After Incidents

Remote guarding doesn’t just protect businesses from external security threats, such as break-ins and vandalism. It also helps protect employees from various safety hazards.

For instance, remote guards might spot a dangerous leak in a warehouse during off-hours or notice something on warehouse shelves isn’t stable. By reporting these issues immediately, remote guards prevent someone from getting hurt.

This saves businesses from having to pay for any injuries, lawsuits and other costs due to damages that may have occurred. Think of remote guarding as an extra safety precaution to keep everyone safer.

Helps With Employee Retention

One cost-saving measure most businesses don’t consider with remote guarding is employee retention. Employees deserve peace of mind where they work. If they don’t feel safe, they may not stick around. For instance, having security cameras and a guard remotely watching may make them feel much safer going to their cars at night.

When employees quit, your business loses money. The average cost of training a new employee is over $1000. Of course, this doesn’t factor in many hidden costs either.

Providing that extra level of security makes employees happier. It shows you value them. This gives them extra incentive to stay and saves you money on training new employees who may very well quit in a few months.

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