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6 Benefits Of Contracting Security Over Hiring Your Own

When it comes time to hire security guards for your business, you have a tough choice to make.

Do you hire your own or is contracting security from a third-party better? While you might love the idea of keeping everything in-house, there are benefits to working with a security firm.

Before you hire anyone, take a look at how contract security companies actually help your business more.

What happens if you hire an inexperienced security guard who gets spooked and accidentally shoots the wrong person? If they work for your business, you’re legally responsible for anything that happens as a result of their actions. Even asking the wrong person to leave your premises could result in a lawsuit.

Part of your legal responsibility also means ensuring you have proper insurance coverage. A security guard’s job is dangerous and you will need higher insurance coverage rates to protect them and your business.

Contracting security means all of the legal ramifications are taken care of. The security firm takes full responsibility of their guards’ actions along with factoring in insurance costs into the contract itself.

2. Cost Effective

The average security guard earns $12.93 per hour according to the BLS. In Atlanta, GA, the average is slightly more at $13.81 per hour. Of course, this is just the hourly wage. This doesn’t include any benefits, such as vacation, unemployment, insurance, retirement, worker’s comp, etc.

If you hire in-house security guards, you’re also responsible for ensuring they meet all the basic requirements for being a security guard, such as proper training. You’ll be required to pay for a background check and pay for additional training as needed or required by your state.

In Georgia alone, the list of basic training requirements is extensive. However, if you contract your security from a reputable security firm, all of this is handled for you. You don’t have to worry if the guards are properly trained or experienced. At BOS Security, we’ve carefully picked each guard and given them all the required training and more.

Your business saves money by hiring a firm versus in-house security. You don’t have to pay for benefits, training or background checks. It’s all included in the contract price, which is less than you’d pay for individual employees.

3. Consistent Training

Security guards don’t just train once and they’re done. While everyone might hope the worst never happens, it can and does. This is why security guards need consistent training. This keeps the guards sharper and more effective.

For in-house guards, you’ll be responsible for ensuring they have time off to attend training sessions along with paying for the training. This means you’ll also need backup security guards. For contracted security, guards are trained during their off hours or you’re sent replacements while the others train.

4. Quick Replacements

What happens if your security staff gets sick? You can’t just replace them without hiring additional staff. This means your business can’t just hire one security guard. You’ll need at least two, though three is probably best to ensure you have at least one guard on duty at all times.

If you contracted your security, you’ll be sent a replacement guard temporarily until the other guard is well again. You’ll never be without the set number of guards in your contract. This also makes contracting security more cost effective as you always get what you pay for and much more.

5. Add Or Remove As Needed

You don’t always need the same amount of security all year. During your busiest times, you might need five security guards. However, you may only need two during slower periods.

If you lay off your in-house guards, you have to deal with unemployment. Or, you’re stuck paying for more security than you need.

With contracted security, you’re able to add and remove guards as needed. Maybe you just need an additional guard for a month. That’s no problem. If you’re downsizing and need fewer guards, you’re covered without the hassle of firing anyone.

6. Detailed Contracts For Your Needs

One of the biggest benefits is you get detailed contracts for your specific security needs. Trying to put together your own security team isn’t easy. You have to find individuals who have experience in your industry, help them learn to work together and figure out where to best place them.

Security firms work with you to create custom contracts detailing your number of guards and their specific responsibilities in relation to your business. If the guards don’t perform those duties, you call and get a replacement. All of these guards are trained to work well as a team, meaning you get the best from day one.

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