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Remote Guarding – The Impact Of Virtual Perimeters On Known Vulnerabilities

Remote Guarding Virtual

Security guards patrol and create a physical perimeter around your property.

However, remote guarding also helps create an effective security perimeter. Thanks to virtual perimeters, you’re able to better protect against known vulnerabilities.

As with physical security, it’s easy to customize the perimeter to best suit the vulnerabilities of each particular business and organization.

Consistently Monitor High-Risk Areas

Every business has high-risk areas. For instance, parking lots are often a major vulnerability. A poorly-lit back entrance would also be a great example.

Remote guarding creates virtual perimeters around these high-risk areas to deter criminals from trying to take advantage. By adding cameras to these areas, they’re monitored 24/7 versus just when a guard walks by.

The higher the risk in an area, the more you need remote guarding there. When criminals see the cameras in place, you’ll see a decline in crime rates.

Discourage Repeat Attempts

Once a criminal finds a vulnerability, they may be tempted to come back again. A single break-in could just be the first in a long string of robberies if you don’t do something to protect against the specific vulnerability being exploited.

When criminals realize no one knows who they are and nothing is being done to prevent them from coming back, they won’t mind breaking in multiple times. One Houston strip mall discovered this the hard way.

By creating a virtual perimeter, remote guards not only have criminals’ faces on camera, but they can also speak directly to the criminals to let them know they’re being watched and local law enforcement or on-site security has been notified.

Reduce Vulnerabilities Over Time

Do you have a few areas where you can’t seem to stop break-ins, vandalism, loitering or other issues? Word gets around when you incorporate new security measures. Plus, when criminals see the cameras, they’ll be more suspicious that they’re being watched.

Over time, your business becomes less of a target because most people know you’re serious about keeping your business safe. This reduces your overall risk. While you shouldn’t let your guard down, you’ll notice your vulnerabilities aren’t nearly as vulnerable as they once were.

Prevent Any Weak Spots

Every business has security weak spots. Perhaps there’s an alley between your warehouse and main offices. With on-site guards, it’s impossible to view the alley 24/7. They’ll check it as they come by, but most businesses can’t afford to have guards stationed at every weak point.

Remote guarding creates a virtual perimeter that effectively prevents any weak spots in your security. Adding a light and a multi-directional surveillance camera is more cost-effective and allows a remote guard to keep an eye on the areas even when an on-site guard can’t.

However, the remote guard can quickly let your on-site guards know the moment they see something suspicious. By working in tandem, you create an even more effective security perimeter.

Eliminates Vulnerable Times

While some criminals are bold enough to try things in the middle of working hours, others would prefer to wait until after hours. Of course, remote guarding also helps create virtual perimeters within your business too to reduce employee crimes, such as stealing.

Most other criminals prefer to try to break in when no one is around, or so they think. Remote guarding means someone is always watching and protecting your business.

A quick warning from your remote guards is often enough to deter criminals. Of course, if they do persist, local law enforcement is called immediately and they’re able to apprehend the suspects before they get away.

Prevents Criminals From Learning Routines

Even when on-site guards try to vary their routines, they still have routines. Maybe they always take a break at a set time or their walk around takes exactly five minutes.

Some criminals take the time to learn these routines. They might study your guards for weeks or months. With remote guarding, they can’t learn routines because someone is constantly watching. Think of it as an invisible fence around your premises that keeps criminals from ever knowing when a “safe” time is to try and vandalize or rob your business.


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