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7 Steps To A Successful Partnership With Your Security Company

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For optimal security, you must work to build a successful partnership with your security company.

Every business is different, which means security companies have to create custom security plans for each business. Without a good partnership, it’s difficult to create and follow through with a plan that works.

However, when both parties work together, you get a safer, more secure environment for your employees and customers.

1. Work As Partners

The most important step is to actually work together as partners. It’s easy to just think of your security company as another vendor or commodity. However, you’re entrusting them to put their lives on the line to protect your business. Working hand-in-hand with your security provider can help improve incident response time and control security costs.

Think of your security company as any other vital partner to the success of your business. Communicate with them frequently. Know who the security guards are. The more you work as partners, the easier it is to understand your security risks and customize strategies to keep your business safer. Get to know what it’s really like to be a security guard.

2. Respect The Security Guards

This Quora question about disrespecting security guards shows how opinions vary. Some people see them as authority figures while others don’t respect them at all. Part of the problem is people refuse to see them as authoritative figures since they’re not law enforcement.

However, at BOS Security, all of our guards have law enforcement training and experience. It’s important to treat every security guard with respect and to train your employees to do the same. After all, it’s a dangerous job.

While security guards do expect to be disrespected by those who are doing wrong, they genuinely want to get along with everyone. Showing respect makes their job easier and helps create a better partnership with your security company.

3. Build Relationships With The Guards

As part of showing respect, try to build relationships with the guards. When your guards are happier, they’ll stay longer. When they’re placed in horrible situations where they’re constantly ignored and disrespected, they may request a transfer.

Too many requests may result in a security company re-evaluating the contract to see if it’s a good place for their guards or not. Build relationships with the guards like any other employee. They’re there to help and something as simple as a pleasant “good morning” goes a long way.

4. Ask Questions When In Doubt

It’s common to think of your security company as a mind reader when it comes to security. However, they don’t know when you have questions. Perhaps you don’t know why guards are patrolling the way they are. Instead of just filing a complaint, call and ask nicely.

Asking questions to better understand creates a better partnership with your security company. They’re able to discuss the reasons and help you to see why a particular strategy is a good fit for your business.

5. Bring Up Concerns To Improve Security

Once again, your security company doesn’t magically know all your security risks, especially if you make changes to your business. If you ever have any concerns or ideas to improve security yourself, talk to your security company. Part of being a true partnership means sharing your feedback.

It’s the best way to improve security. After all, you know your business better than anyone else. Share what you know and your security company can improve their security strategy accordingly.

6. Be Open To Suggestions

On the other hand, be open to your security company’s suggestions. While you know your business, their business is security. Perhaps a guard is noticing employees using a side door and leaving it propped open during breaks. If they bring it up, it’s not to make life difficult for your employees. It’s just to warn you of potential security risks.

7. Have Realistic Expectations

Finally, have realistic expectations of your security company. Hiring security guards doesn’t guarantee your business is 100% risk-free. The odds of an incident are lower, but issues can still happen.

Talk to your security company about your expectations upfront. Hiring more guards may help you get the security you’re looking for but expecting a single guard to patrol a five-story building 24/7 isn’t going to work. Be realistic and you’ll create a much better partnership. Look for hybrid solutions such as remote guarding to prevent security officer burnout.

Get The Most From Your Security Company

Your relationship with your security firm is not limited to on-site security officers. Check-in regularly with representatives of the company who can perform periodic security audits to ensure you are fully protected in the most thorough and cost-effective manner.

A BOS Security professional can assess your current security coverage and make recommendations for improvement. Their suggestions could be as simple as trimming overgrown shrubs high enough for an intruder to hide behind or swapping out bulbs in your parking lot lights for brighter ones to give employees more confidence walking to their cars and deter and detect intruders.

Contact BOS Security

Of course, the best possible way to create a strong partnership with your security company is to hire a professional, experienced partner to begin with. Contact BOS Security today at 404-793-6965 to learn more about our security services.

Start learning more about how our services protect you with our free Security Needs Assessment.

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