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Eight Reasons Your Warehouse Should Work With An Atlanta-Based Security Guard Company

Eight Reasons Your Warehouse Should Work With An Atlanta-Based Security Guard Company

If you own or manage a warehouse or distribution in Atlanta, you may have questions about security. How can you keep your building, the product inside, and the people who work there safe? Should you hire private security guards on your own or work with a third-party security company? Can a large national company meet your needs, or is it essential to work with a security guard company in Atlanta? The eight reasons your warehouse should work with a security guard company in Atlanta listed below should answer these questions and more! 

What Security Is Required For A Warehouse In Atlanta?

There are several security vulnerabilities common to warehouses. Typically, there are many doors, often large ones. Pallets of products, forklifts, and other large items and equipment need to pass through. Usually, you will find several garage-style doors on the loading dock for loading and unloading trucks. Warehouses sometimes run multiple shifts, meaning people are coming and going at all hours.  

Responsibilities that fall at least partially under the role of security include: 

  • Controlling access to the facility. 
  • Enforcing safety regulations and policies. 
  • Guarding gates, docks, and doors. 
  • Monitoring security cameras. 
  • Responding to accidents, weather incidents, and natural disasters. 
  • Aiding with evacuations and other safety protocols. 
  • Intervening in the event of violence or threats. 

Warehouse security guards can also help protect your Atlanta warehouse by working closely with management and employees to conduct safety drills, share best practices and help monitor inventory and interactions. 

Here’s What Security Guard Companies In Atlanta Can Offer For Your Warehouse

Security Expertise

It can be tempting to create your own security team comprised of individuals you hire and manage, but it’s a more complicated undertaking than it appears. A security guard company brings expertise to the table you may not even have thought of.  

You get more than just guards when you partner with a security company in Atlanta; you get comprehensive security services. They know how to vet the guards to ensure they understand their responsibilities, are up to the challenge, and are reliable. You’ll never need to worry about absenteeism or a guard not performing their duties satisfactorily. All you need to do is contact your security company to request a replacement. You won’t be caught short-handed, and you don’t need to start from scratch;  posting the position, screening applications, scheduling interviews, checking references, and all the other administrative tasks that go into hiring. You can’t afford to let your dock go unguarded for weeks while you hire. With a security company, you can just call or email them for an immediate replacement. And when you work with an Atlanta-based security company, you can be assured they are aware of the relevant risks in your area.  

Security companies can customize a security plan that takes your unique needs in mind. Is it in a remote location or does it contain hundreds of thousands of feet of storage space? Are there blind spots? High-value items? Your security specialists will ask questions like this and more to help you decide on the right combination of on-site and remote guards. They can help you determine camera placement, and what kinds of cameras are best. They can suggest how many guards you need to optimize your protection while controlling costs. They keep their guards well-trained and update them regularly on risks to be aware of and the latest security trends. 

Experience in the Atlanta Market

When considering security for your warehouse in the Atlanta area, don’t forget how important it is to work with a company that knows the specific risks common to the Atlanta area. They will stay abreast of the growing security risks in Atlanta and help you find ways to help you protect your warehouse.  

They will keep an eye on the local security environment and introduce innovations. For example, they may read about the security measures taken to protect Atlanta United, Atlanta’s soccer team, and consider how they can be used in other settings. What does protecting a soccer team have to do with warehouse security in Atlanta? It may take a little creativity to make the connection, but a good security firm will be forward-thinking and innovative. They are always looking for ways to improve their service. For example, equipping their officers with body cams might be worth a try. If your Atlanta warehouse is very large, drones could be added to your coverage. You want a security professional to be part of your team. 

How to Improve Warehouse Security   |   Safest Neighborhoods in Atlanta, GA

Local Service

Why work with a large corporate entity when you can choose a local partner as part of your security team? They will understand the risks unique to the area, of course, but best of all, they can provide hands-on service. Sometimes a zoom meeting just isn’t enough. You want a professional with a security company in Atlanta to walk the property with you to see the warehouse, parking lots, grounds, etc., to get an understanding of the scale of your property, identify any blind spots and observe any vulnerabilities. 

Different Types of Security Services

What comes to mind when you think of security services? Many envision a guard sitting at a desk or in a security shack, but it can be so much more. Full time or part-time. Unarmed or armed. On-site and remote. There are a number of cost-saving security strategies to consider for your warehouse. How do you know which service or which combination of services is right for you? A security company can customize a security plan to the specific needs of your Atlanta warehouse.  


One of the greatest challenges, when employees security guards are maintaining a consistent security presence from day-to-day. People get sick or need days off. Like many jobs, security positions often have a high level of turnover. When you work with a security guard company, you’re always covered. They can send you a replacement, so there is never a gap in coverage. High-quality warehouse security companies in Atlanta provide their officers with regular ongoing training. They teach their team the latest in security technology and best practices. 

Control Costs

When you don’t have a structured security plan, costs can be high and unpredictable. If security guards are your employees, you’ll be responsible for all the associated costs, such as uniforms, equipment, and insurance. When you hire a security company, you typically pay a flat hourly rate that covers all the associated costs. Also, if you have spikes or lulls in your security needs, your Atlanta warehouse security company can adjust on demand.  

Manage Risk and Liability

When you partner with a security company, you eliminate the risk that goes along with hiring security officers as employees. Your security guard company in Atlanta is responsible if a guard gets hurt on the job, for example. You won’t have to worry about liability or your insurance premiums going up in many cases. Your security partner is the expert. They will know what to look for as far as minimizing risks and liability. They will start with a full security assessment of your warehouse or distribution center to detect vulnerabilities. They may be able to identify gaps in your security you may not have noticed. They can advise you on how to close those gaps with additional guards, alarms, cameras, etc.  


Your security partner in Atlanta will take full responsibility for their officers. They perform all of the vetting, training, and onboarding. If any officers do not perform to your standards or that of the security company, discipline or retraining is not your responsibility. You can ask that they be replaced or spoken to about improving their performance. You will never need to hang onto a sub-par guard longer than you’d like because the termination and replacement process is too daunting to contemplate. Leaving an underperforming guard in place at your warehouse doesn’t do anyone any favors. All it takes is a quick call to your security company in Atlanta to get it taken care of.  

Partner With BOS Security, A Trusted Security Guard Company In Atlanta

Security advice geared toward events, commercial property, residences, or retail doesn’t always translate well to the needs of warehouses and distribution centers. They need security solutions tailored to their specific needs. A specialized warehouse security company in Atlanta can help you protect your valuable property and keep your people safe. They can rise to the occasion of covering all of your square footage – including the building, parking lot, and grounds – efficiently and cost-effectively. If you need to protect your warehouse from trespassing, vandalism, theft, and other threats, BOS Security can conduct a security assessment to give you a firm understanding of where you stand and how you can improve. 

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