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Cost-Saving Security Tactics That Improve Security

Cost-Saving Security Tactics That Improve Security

Security is essential to protecting your people and property, but it can consume a substantial chunk of your budget. You can take measures to lower your costs without lowering your defenses. We will discuss three here, VirtuGuard™ remote security monitoring services, the latest in surveillance equipment and part-time on-site guards. Consider the impact these options can have on your ability to protect your people and property from trespassing, vandalism, theft and other crimes.

VirtuGuard™ Remote Security

One example is combining network-enabled cameras with remote security monitoring services. It’s an innovative and cost-effective method of protection, particularly if your property is spread over many acres, is located in a remote area, or can be hazardous to in-person security officers. Security professionals monitor cameras from a central location 24/7/365 at a fraction of the cost of deploying security guards on-site.

Surveillance Trailers

Another cost-saving tactic is the use of surveillance trailers. These trailers are self-contained units powered by solar technology. They include pole-mounted cameras and powerful lights. Trailers can be placed in areas that are difficult for security officers to cover thoroughly, such as construction sites. They may have no good place to station themselves between patrols, or the property can be so expansive that intruders could do their damage before the guard could even detect them. Best of all, it provides a substantial cost saving along with more coverage. The average cost for a surveillance trailer is $4.50 vs. a security officer who earns in the range of $22.00 per hour.

Part-Time Security Officers

You may not need security guards 40+ hours per week, particularly when you have the option of remote monitoring. For example, if you like having a guard on desk duty at the beginning of the workday, a security officer can check IDs, sign in visitors, new employees and workmen, then leave for the day after working a few hours. If you feel your security risks are low, that may be enough; if not, consider the addition of remote monitoring of your security cameras. It will still be more cost-effective than full-time on-site guards.

Need to learn more about saving money on security without sacrificing safety?

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