The Safest Neighborhoods in Atlanta

The Safest Neighborhoods in Atlanta

Choosing the best Atlanta neighborhood to live in is complicated. What a young person in their twenties wants from a neighborhood may be entirely different than what a couple in their thirties or a family in their forties or fifties might want. A single person in their twenties or thirties might not care about the quality of schools in their neighborhood.

Likewise, a more mature individual or couple might not care about access to the liveliness and bustle of the city at their doorstep. But everyone, regardless of preferences like urban or rural, nightlife or home-life, public transport or garage, considers safety to be very important.


Find Your Safe Place In Atlanta

Although Atlanta is often among the leaders in the nation in various crime statistics, there are still many very safe areas of the city. It’s no coincidence that many of the safest areas in Atlanta are also among the most prosperous, so real estate can often come at a premium.


Which Atlanta Neighborhoods Are Safest?

Although Buckhead is an area with beautiful homes and plenty of restaurants and shopping and has seen a fall in crime in recent decades, Atlanta has safer neighborhoods. Among the safest neighborhoods in Atlanta, according to reported statistics, is Vinings. The areas surrounding West Wesley, Northside Drive, West Paces Ferry, Chastain Drive, and Chatham Road, are some of the safest in the city. With safe neighborhood bordering safe neighborhood, including Pleasant Hill, Brandon / Castlewood and Randall Mill, the Northwest corner of Atlanta is undoubtedly the safest.


Low Crime Hidden Gems In Atlanta

However, there are many other safe areas scattered throughout the city that folks might not think about when thinking about safety in Atlanta. For example, the Northeast corner of the city, around Briarcliff Road, Castaway Court, and Oak Grove, is also among the top ten safest neighborhoods in the city. Likewise, the Druid Hills neighborhood, near Emory, is also a very safe neighborhood and centrally located. This area, along with nearby Morningside and Virginia Highlands, offers single-family homes, mixed in with apartments, and many great places to dine and shop.


Safe And Affordable Atlanta Neighborhoods

If you’re looking for Atlanta neighborhoods that are both safe and affordable, consider Candler Park, Lake Claire, Midtown, North Buckhead and Poncey-Highland. Additionally, the neighborhoods of North Kirkwood, Edgewood, Inman Park, and Beulah Heights have crime statistics that match the city’s best neighborhoods, with real estate at a fraction of the price.


Places To Live In Atlanta That Are Safe And Convenient

For those wanting to be centrally located, safe, and save money, these can be popular areas. Additionally, even though Central Buckhead isn’t the very safest neighborhood in Atlanta, it is relatively safe and a very popular place for young people to live, filled with energy, shops and restaurants, and condos.


Which Parts Of Atlanta Are Improving?

Parts of Central, East, and South-West Atlanta have crime statistics that are less than desirable. However, there are a few bright spots even there. Near Spelman College and the Interdenominational Theological Center, the crime statistics are very low and it’s as safe as you can get, aside from City Center, this close to downtown. Also, the areas around Bolton, Shirley Street, and south by Butner Road have pretty solid crime statistics and appear to be pretty safe areas, especially considering some of the surrounding neighborhoods. Finally, in the Southeast, a portion of the city’s Beltline is currently under development, ushering in good housing near beautiful parks and trails.


Choose the Right Atlanta Neighborhood For You

There are plenty of safe neighborhoods in Atlanta. Find out which ones are right for you. Review the available Atlanta crime statistics to make an informed decision and consider what kind of security you may need to keep your Atlanta home or business saferContact us to learn more.

Reference – Neighborhood Scout

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