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Gated Community – What Security Considerations Do You Need To Take

Gated Community Security

A gated community instantly makes you think of a peaceful, secure neighborhood. While they do experience less crime, they’re still at risk without the right security measures in place.

An electronic gate and alarm systems aren’t enough to keep residents as safe as they could be. Every gated community should take the time to consider additional security measures to further reduce crime, including crime inside the community.


Consider Crime By Residents

Gated communities might have a guard at the entrance to prevent anyone from coming in, but what about the residents themselves? Vandalism from kids or even theft by neighbors is always a possibility. Security has to be a consideration on the inside of the community.

When residents know that surveillance cameras are being watch and guards randomly walk by day and night, it deters internal crime. Security threats don’t always come from the outside. While residents may not want to think about that, it is a legitimate security issue.

Monitor Entry Manually

Electronic gates are nice, but they aren’t always effective at keeping people out. A simple power outage is enough to leave the community open to strangers. If the gate malfunctions, it may be left open while it’s being repaired. Of course, if no one is monitoring the gate, people could slip through unnoticed.

Gated communities are tempting to thieves. Leaving the gate unwatched is like leaving an a welcome sign on the gate. Having guards at the gate means no one can just walk in. Every person entering has to be approved. Trained security professionals also know how to handle anyone who tries to force their way in.

Respond Quicker To Alarms

Most gated communities have security systems for every home. The only problem is those systems are at the mercy of the residents. It’s all too easy for someone to forget to set the alarm or accidentally set it off.

The other problem is, security systems aren’t proactive. They only sound an alarm as something is happening. This means a crime is already in progress. While some criminals are deterred, others know they have a window between the alarm and local police arriving.

By having security professionals on-site at all times, the community always has someone to immediately respond to security alarms. This means there is less of a chance of someone getting away and residents aren’t on their own until police arrive.

Watch Surveillance Cameras 24/7

Even though residents may have surveillance cameras and the community itself might have cameras at specific locations, those cameras aren’t useful if they’re not being watched. They might help police identify a suspect after the fact, but they don’t prevent crime.

Having remote guards monitoring the cameras at all times is crucial to detecting and stopping suspicious activity before it becomes an issue. It’s always better to be proactive about security than having to handle issues after something happens.

Patrol Inside And Out

Having guards patrolling on the inside of a gated community is ideal for preventing crime from within. It’s also a great way to detect security issues, such as residents leaving garage doors open at night or noticing a broken gate along the perimeter.

However, an outside patrol is also helpful. While the gate is the most obvious entry point, it’s probably not the only way to get in. Having someone to walk around the area and identify weak areas is vital for improving security. It also deters anyone from trying to sneak in the back of the community.

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