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What Type Of Protection Can You Expect From Remote Guarding

On-site guard services may not be in your budget or you want a different form of security. This is why many businesses install alarm systems and surveillance cameras.

The only problem is this approach may not be enough to prevent security incidents. In fact, in most cases, you’ll only be notified after something has already happened.

Luckily, with remote guarding, you can get a compromise between basic security and on-site security. Plus, it’s a more affordable option than having guards on your premises 24/7.

How Remote Guarding Works

While some businesses use remote guarding to compliment on-site security guards, many businesses opt to use it as their primary security. With remote guarding, you don’t have any guards on your actual premises.

Instead, security cameras are installed throughout your business and outside as well. These cameras can be stationary or mobile. Professional guards are stationed at another location and monitor the feeds from your cameras. Depending on your needs, they can monitor 24/7, during business hours only or after closing only.

The guards then contact local law enforcement and/or the business owner when a problem is occurring. While you don’t get the benefit of having someone right there, you get the benefit of knowing someone is always watching over your business while you’re busy with customers or monitoring your gated community while you sleep.


Prevent False Alarms

A security system is great, but 94% to 98% of alarm calls are actually just false alarms. This means you may never know when something’s wrong or if a motion sensor is on the fritz.

With remote guarding, law enforcement is only called when an actual security incident is suspected or occurring. For instance, an alarm might go off if the door didn’t shut correctly, but someone monitoring your cameras would only call police if someone was trying to open the door.

This cuts down on false alarms and provides you with better security. It also reduces the number of calls you get from your security system provider.

Receive Faster Response Times

Since security alarms only go off after something happens, the response time is increased and it may mean intruders are able to get away. With remote guarding, law enforcement are called the moment the guards notice something wrong.

For instance, if a suspicious person is walking around your community in the middle of night, police are called immediately. Otherwise, you’d have to wait until that person decided which home they wanted to break into.

It’s always best to stop an incident before it has time to become a real issue. Remote guarding provides this type of protection.

Monitor All Areas At Once

Even with guards on-site, no one can monitor every nook and cranny at once. Guards that are looking at multiple camera angles at once can monitor far more area than an on-site guard. This is why some businesses combine the two security measures.

This is also great for retail businesses trying to cut down on shoplifting. While employees can’t see everything, remote guards can and this helps reduce shoplifting.

Get Notified Of Potential Issues

Sometimes law enforcement isn’t necessary. For instance, maybe the guards noticed that when you left the door didn’t fully shut behind you. This could pose a significant risk to your business and may even prevent your security alarm from setting correctly. The guard could contact you to come back and shut the door.

For businesses, you can be notified of anyone who is showcasing suspicious behavior. This helps you know how to watch for and reduce security incidents in your business.

Deter Crime By Presence Alone

Posting notices about remote guarding is sometimes enough to deter crime. In fact, at the 2015 Remote Guarding Summit, law enforcement officials stated that remote guarding did reduce overall calls because it deterred crime. They also stated it helped them when they were called out because the guards could give them real-time updates on a situation.

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