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6 Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing A Quality Security Service

Quality Security Service

When it comes to choosing a quality security service, you want to make sure you’re choosing someone who always has your back. The last thing you need is a service that you can only count on part of the time or isn’t trained for every situation.

As with most major decisions in your life, you need to carefully look at your options before choosing a security guard service. Right now, the phrase “security guard services” yields over 13 million results. With so many options, you need to know how to narrow down your choices and find a quality service that meets your needs.

1. Always Ask For References

Anytime you’re considering working with a company, you should ask for references. Quality security services won’t hesitate to provide references and let you know more about their resume. Of course, it also doesn’t hurt to check online business reviews and social media to see if there are any complaints and how the service has responded.

2. Inquire About Training

This is one of the most important questions you need to ask before hiring any security service. If personnel aren’t properly trained to handle a wide variety of situations, you might find that your security isn’t quite as secure as it needs to be.

Quality security services have staff trained by security experts. They also have staff that specializes in certain areas, such as airports or retail. You should have no problem getting in-depth details on training procedures and what type of training is required for all staff.

3. Consider Security Guard Qualifications

Outside of training, you also want to ask about security guards’ qualifications. For instance, what prior experience is necessary? Are there any certifications they need to pass annually?

All of our guards have experience in law enforcement and training. This ensures they’re qualified to handle security situations before they even work with us. Of course, additional training to compliment their skills is also a requirement with us.

Any service your choose should have staff that are qualified to handle emergency crisis situations, property asset protection and CPR and first-aid. This gives them the skills they need to protect your business and employees.

4. Look At Types Of Services

Some security services specialize in specific types of security, such as malls or remote guarding. Here at BOS Security, we specialize in long term security solutions for nearly every type of business and organization.

Obviously, you want to choose a service that fits your specific needs. You’ll also want a service that creates a customized security plan for your business. Look for a service that partners with you to understand your security issues and finds the best plan to keep your business as secure as possible.

5. Check For Proper Licensing & Insurance

Anyone can claim to be a security service, but a quality service is always properly licensed. For instance, we’re licensed by our home state of Georgia and have been since 1993. We also have professional certifications. If a service can’t prove they’re licensed, then they’re not right for you.

Insurance is also important. Any security service you choose should have liability insurance. At BOS Security, we’re happy to provide a certificate of insurance upon request. We ensure all our staff are properly covered, so you don’t have to worry.

Along with licensing, you want a company that’s accountable. For instance, BOS Security uses both RFID and GPS tracking to so clients and us can monitor guards’ locations at all times.

6. Ensure Communication Is A Priority

You should never feel like you’re out of the loop when you hire a security service. Communication is a must and any quality security guard service makes it a priority. We always leave the line of communication open and are always here to answer any questions you might have.

If it’s difficult to contact a security service, they’re probably not the right fit for your needs.


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