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Property Protection – What You Can Do To Protect Your Business

Property Protection

While you’re busy running your business, who’s protecting your property? Businesses need property protection to ensure someone always has their back.

Security services do more than just protect employees and reduce theft, they also work to protect the actual property as well, such as preventing vandalism. Even when you can’t be there, security guards can be, keeping everything safe, even during off hours.

Having that extra layer of security makes everyone feel safer. After all, employees and customers feel safer when they know the area around your business is safe.

Offer Parking Lot Security

Parking lots aren’t exactly the safest places for people or vehicles. While security guards can help walk employees to their cars, they can also help protect the property parked in the lot.

Thieves love targeting cars in unwatched lots. While employees are busy inside the business, no one is watching to see who might be loitering in the lot. This leads to stolen vehicles, missing items from vehicles and even just damage to vehicles. In fact, over 10% of property crimes happen in parking garages and lots.

Having guards on-hand to watch and patrol the parking area helps to keep everyone a little safer.

Prevent Vandalism

No one wants to open their business only to find that windows have been broken or obscene graffiti has been painted on the sides of the building. Even if you have security cameras, there’s no guarantee you’ll see the faces of the perpetrators.

With remote security guards monitoring your property, vandals are less likely to target your business.  A remote security guard will alert the vandals that they are being monitored and that the police are on the way.  Preventing damage to your property before it occurs. This saves you money and keeps you business looking respectable.

Reduce Break-Ins

Break-ins don’t just mean stolen items, it also means damage to your property. If you’re lucky, it’s just a broken lock, but odds are, it’s worse. You could end up with damaged furniture, broken doors, busted windows and more. You never know what people might do.

Having someone protecting your property means people are less likely to target you. Security cameras help prevent some break-ins, but adding proactive remote monitoring reduces your risk even further at a nominal cost compared to a human security guard. If your business is in a high crime area, this protection is vital.

Notice Potential Security Flaws

You and your employees have your daily habits and may not notice potential security problems. For instance, maybe you’re just used to the lock not catching all the time or a back door that’s never locked to make it easier for employees to get in.

Trained security professionals notice these tiny security flaws and can work with you to patch up problems before they turn into major security incidents for your business. It’s important to also remember that your business could be liable for crimes committed on your property that harm others if your business has neglected security.

Ensure The Right People Are Coming And Going

If you have a large number of employees and guests coming and going in your business, you may need security guards to protect your property from unauthorized personnel. If you just have someone sitting at a desk up front, all it takes for the wrong person to get in is waiting for the desk person to have to take a bathroom break.

With security guards, it’s easy to check each person to ensure they belong at the business. They can check names and IDs to keep out anyone who shouldn’t be there. They can also escort people out who start to cause trouble, preventing them from damaging property on their way out.

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