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7 Ways A Security Presence Improves Your Customers’ Experience

Improves Customers Experience

Your customers don’t just rely on you to provide them with quality service and products. They also expect you to keep them safe while they shop. Sometimes this is easier said than done when you don’t have on-site security

An obvious security presence goes beyond just preventing shoplifting. It also improves your customers’ experience. The happier your customers are, the more likely they are to return, which is always great for business.

1. Decrease Security Incidents

Shoplifters comes in two forms – premeditated and spur of the moment. When security is visible (even a sign saying security cameras are being monitored), helps deter shoplifters from committing a crime to begin with. It can also prevent vandalism after closing. The more likely someone is to be caught, the less likely someone will do something wrong.

While it won’t prevent every incident, it will reduce the number of incidents. This creates a safer environment for customers.

2. Give Customers Peace Of Mind

One simple, yet effective way to give your customers peace of mind and make a business more appealing to shoppers is to have security in place. While smaller stores may only need an actively monitored security camera system, larger stores benefit by having security guards on-site. Simply having a security presence shows customers that you care about their safety.

3. Aid Customers When Necessary

Security guards don’t just protect, they also help out around your business. They can handle a variety of tasks, such as:

  • Helping a customer find the right section
  • Reconnecting a lost child with his/her parents
  • Walking shoppers to their cars at night
  • Helping carry larger purchases to vehicles
  • Keeping someone calm during a medical emergency

With long-term security, you get guards who become a part of your business family. They don’t just stand in the background. They actively protect and help out in your business.

4. Allow Employees To Focus On Customers

Without a security presence, your customers’ experience might not be as great as it could be. Instead of focusing all their attention on the customers, employees are tasked with working with customers and keeping an eye out for security issues, such as shoplifting.

This split focus makes it easy for employees to seem distracted. Plus, if employees have to handle a security incident, it could leave areas of the store unattended, leading to additional security problems. It’s better for customers and employees to have professionals on staff to handle the security aspect of your business.

5. Decrease Costs

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that theft results in higher prices. After all, you have to cover the cost of stolen merchandise somehow. However, customers hate seeing prices increase. This is where security can help.

In 2015 alone, over 1.2 million dishonest employees and shoplifters were apprehended, accounting for $200 million worth of merchandise. This was only among 25 top retailers, so the numbers are actually higher. For customers, this means higher prices.

With an obvious security presence, these numbers go down, leading to lower prices and of course, happier customers.

6. Improve Overall Customer Behavior

How often have you have a group of disruptive teens and pre-teens come in without parents? They think they can do whatever they want, which drives your customers away. With on-site security, kids aren’t nearly as confident about causing problems. Plus, security guards can escort kids back to their parents and out of your store.

It’s amazing how much better people are willing to behave when they know there is a trained security professional watching them. This creates a more pleasant environment for shoppers.

7. Diffuse Escalating Situations

Sometimes situations spiral out of control quickly. An customer comes in for a refund, gets angry when it’s declined and starts to pitch a fit and even break products. What happens next? If an employee doesn’t handle the situation properly, it could turn into a dangerous situation for employees and customers.

Security guards help diffuse escalating situations before they turn into major incidents. They’re trained to recognize and handle these situations with as little disruption to your business as possible.

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