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The Importance of Reference Checks for Every Security Company

The Importance of Reference Checks for Every Security Company

When hiring someone to join your company, you want to be confident they will be a good fit. For security companies, making the right hiring decision is even more essential. Security companies must understand the candidate’s qualifications, history, and motivations for choosing to work in security. When you are choosing a security partner to work with, don’t be afraid to ask for details regarding their reference checking process. After all, the wellbeing of your employees, property, and bottom line will be in their hands. Be sure you know who you are opening your door to.


Ask your security company the following questions:


Do you actually check references?

Companies sometimes gather references but don’t follow through on calling them because they figure having them on hand is enough. It’s not. Speaking directly to individuals who know your candidate well is crucial.


What references do you check?

Most people can come up with three or four people willing to say nice or at least neutral things about them. (If not – red flag!) Vigilant security companies will dig deeper, asking to speak with other people in the company who can shed light on their work habits and attitude.


What questions do you ask?

It’s not enough to confirm a candidate actually worked where they say they did. For a security position, the hiring manager should ask if they were punctual and had a good attendance record at a minimum.  They will also want to know how they responded in an emergency, whether they treated employees with respect and if they are able to remain cool-headed no matter what may arise.


What other checks do you conduct?

Reference checks are essential, but to get a full view of the kind of people they are hiring, security companies should also check credit, driving and criminal records.

At BOS Security, we take reference checks seriously. We speak to managers, subordinates, and co-workers in each candidate’s previous employer to get a well-rounded view of their skills, experience, and personality.


Work with a security company you can trust

Partnering with an experienced security company can give you the resources and confidence you need to keep your people ad property.  Contact BOS Security at 404-793-6965 to get started. We provide security guards you can trust so you can sleep better at night.

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