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Does My Business’s Insurance Cover Burglaries?

Does My Business’s Insurance Cover Burglaries?

One of the most critical aspects of securing your business is understanding exactly what your insurance will cover. While the events covered can vary widely depending on your needs and the breadth of the specific policy, there are a few areas that are typically covered. Perform due diligence and read your policy carefully to be sure your highest risks are covered. Speak to your agent to clarify anything you are unsure of. In some cases, a rider can be added for an additional charge if you have any questions.

Most business policies will cover break-ins. If your business is located in a high-crime or other high-risk area coverage may be limited or more expensive. Consider augmenting the policy if you have high-value items on property. If you are concerned about cybersecurity, such as a data breach that was part of a break-in, check to see if your liability is covered. Break-ins or theft related to riots or natural disaster is not typically covered.

Better yet is to take steps to prevent burglaries in the first place.


Store/Display Items Thoughtfully

If your business is a storefront, don’t place high-value items in the front window where they may attract thieves. But don’t hide your safe away in a back office, either. It may be counter-intuitive to place it where it can be seen, but it doesn’t give intruders the cover of darkness they would have if the safe is in a windowless office outside the view of any passersby.


Keep it Light and Tight

Be sure the outside of the property is well-lit, and any landscaping is neat and well-trimmed. Shrubs should not be high or large enough to conceal an intruder. The lighting should cast shadows where someone can hide. A clear line of sight will also make it easier for cameras to do their job effectively.


Add Security Cameras

Cameras can serve as a deterrent and possibly help capture intruders by recording their behavior or using a remote monitoring service and alerting authorities. If you don’t currently use cameras, it might be a smart time to consider adding them. These measures will not stop a determined burglar, but if you make it inconvenient to break into your business, they are more likely to move onto the next one.


Partner with a Security Company

You’re the expert in your business. You can’t be expected to know everything about security as well. Working with a security specialist gives you the benefit of their advice and resources to keep your business secure.


Protect Your Business

From checking to see you have the right insurance in place to develop a strategy to keep your business safe from theft and damage, there is much you can do to protect your business. If on-site or remote security is part of your plan, BOS Security has well-trained individuals and the latest technology to keep your facility secure 24/7/365. For information on how in-person and remote video security monitoring services can help you prepare for the unexpected, contact us at 404-793-6965.

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