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What I Do Matters: Clarence Seale

Clarence Seale is a retired Air Force service member, now protecting the ladies of the Phi Mu sorority at their house near the campus of the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia. In his time as a military service member, Seale was deployed over 30 times in 26 different countries, held over 120 military jobs and was under fire four times. Clarence says that this is why not much scares him anymore. 

Prior to joining BOS Security, Seale got his Bachelor’s degree in computer science and an Associates degree in meteorology. He was unable to work in these careers after his wife became ill and ultimately passed away in 2015. Since he had been out of the computer science industry, he decided to do handyman work on the side and work some security. 

In his free time Clarence also is a beekeeper. Currently, he has 3 hives of his own, but at times has had upwards of 30 hives. Not only does he bee-keep he also has and continues to teach beekeeping to others. He has cut back on his hives as of late due to both space and time constraints. 

He was born in Atkins, South Carolina but currently lives in Arnoldsville, Georgia just outside of Athens. 

Seale makes sure that the ladies he is protecting are not only safe but also amused. Each week he says that he tells them a joke based on which football team the University of Georgia Bulldogs will be playing that week. 


What I do matters because…”Because I know that I’m helping. When they come and get out of the cars they see me and they know me. They know if something is going on in the middle of the night that if they can get to their sorority house that they are safe, because they know that I am there.” 

The most rewarding part of my job is… “Seeing the college ladies I protect enjoy their semester without worrying or fear.” “I noticed when I got there that they have some genuine stress and fear about going from those dark parking lots into the house and back and forth. Knowing that I’m there they feel much better. Seeing them happier, and not being stressed or fear is rewarding to me.”

What are you most proud of at work? “That they call me by my name. They all know all they have to do is call out my name and I will be there. The trust they have in me is the best.” 


By: Jared Eggleston


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