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Integrating Security into the Community During the Holidays

The visible presence of security can be a comfort to some in the community, but others may find it can be unsettling. As a security professional, it’s essential to find balance. The only ones who should be uncomfortable with your presence should be those with criminal intent.

The need for security rises over the holidays

It’s common for communities to be so focused on providing fun for residents that safety can become an afterthought. It’s important that security is available to keep people and property safe without being disruptive.

People are out and about this time of year

The combination of people carrying high-value and high levels of distraction makes this time of year a busy season for thieves and other criminals. Homes are unattended. Travel is on the rise. People rush to their cars and other transportation, particularly when then weather is cold. Often this means forgetting to be aware of their surroundings.

It drives a need for increased security

People want to feel safe without being reminded of their vulnerability, so it’s important to focus on deterrence without causing anxiety. That might mean putting security officers in uniforms that stand out but remain non-threatening, just as a golf shirt and khakis, rather than a full patrol-style uniform. You want members of the public to know who you are, but not feel like they are in a war zone. The criminal element should be intimidated by your presence, not the people you serve.

Neighborhood watch organizations can boost your effectiveness

Engage with community leaders. They can introduce you to the community, share areas of concern, and be your eyes and ears. They are not always helpful – there is a lot of variation from community to community, but if they are trusted in the neighborhood, they can smooth your way.


How can you keep your community safe over the holidays?

The holiday season is a huge time for families to gather at community events and major retail areas. Contact the experts at BOS Security at 404-793-6965 to learn more about how to keep people and property safe and confident throughout this joyful time of year. As a trusted security provider, we can assess your risks and develop the right security strategy for you.


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