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Your Employees Should Absolutely Be Included in Your Security Plan​ 

successful security plan involves much more than security officers and equipment. Employees can also play a significant role in keeping people, property, and data safe. Train them to make a difference to security without interfering with the role of the professionals whose job it is to keep them safe.  


Employees are your first line of defense 

From keeping their eyes and ears open to potential dangers to knowing what to do in an emergency, there is much your employees can do to keep themselves safe and contribute to the well-being of the company. After all, you probably have a lot more employees than the security staff. If they know what to look for and how to respond, they can make a real difference to the safety of the workplace. Your security team can’t be everywhere at once. Help them to hone their powers of observation, and they can make your security plan more successful.  


Establish a security committee 

Employees need to know where to take their observations and worries. A committee can work with management and security professionals to develop policies and procedures and a reporting hierarchy, so people know where to go when they have questions. They can be part of a rapid response team and provide direction and leadership in the event of an emergency. 


Make security part of your culture  

Preparation doesn’t make people more fearful. On the contrary, it empowers them. When people know what to look for and how to respond, they feel more confident. If you have periodic evacuation drills (and you should) teach employees to take them seriously. Ignoring an alarm because “it’s just a drill” is fine until it’s not. 


Employees can be your weakest link 

People might prop open the door to carry something heavy from their car. They might badge-in someone with a friendly face and a believable story. They could stack boxes to get them out of the way without thinking about egress or line of sight. Complacency and social engineering are significant dangers to workplace security. Vigilance is essential. 


Don’t neglect data security  

In a time when people are connected around the clock, it’s critical to include team members in your digital security plan. Teach them how to avoid phishing attempts. Stress the importance of security software on devices they bring into the office or anything that is connected. Develop a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy and be sure employees adhere to it. 


Start with the right security team

Partnering with an experienced security company can give you the tools you need to keep your company safe.  Contact BOS Security at 404-793-6965 to get started. We can help you develop and implement a workplace security plan to keep your employees safe and productive.


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