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Data Privacy Bills a Threat to Security?

In an increasingly interconnected world, personal information is easier than ever to acquire and retain. But individuals, states and countries are beginning to push back. With the passage of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in Europe and the CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) in California, those who collect and store data are being called upon to prove they are using that information responsibly – collecting only what they need and keeping it secure.


But is this well-intended legislation actually a threat to security?


With laws varying from state to state and country to country, it can be tougher than ever for security firms and businesses to know what they need to do to remain compliant. Consider these security hot spots that may be subject to data privacy laws and regulations and how you can protect yourself.


How can data privacy bill impact security?

Access control. Part of keeping a building secure is maintaining a database of who is permitted onto the premises and who is not. With the rise of privacy legislation, the question becomes who has control of that data and how is it protected. Are you collecting more data than required, and who are you sharing this information with?

Surveillance. Footage and images from video and still cameras are subject to privacy laws. Are people identifiable? Are the images being saved securely? One of the most challenging aspects is placement of cameras and the areas they cover. You want to be able to thoroughly surveil your property, but care must be taken to ensure that you are not also filming the entrance to the building next door where people have a reasonable expectation of privacy for example.

Background checks. It’s likely that part of your hiring process is looking into the background of candidates. Typically, that includes employment history, criminal background checks and sometimes financial data. You’re now responsible for keeping this data you have attained secure. Do you know what data privacy laws and regulations you may be subject to?


It’s important to find a balance between the data you need to collect and retain to ensure security and putting systems in place to comply with any data privacy laws that apply to your organization.


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