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Will Security Technology be a Key Player to Help Reopen the Economy?

Security Technology

As much as we would all like to get back to “normal” after the COVID-19 pandemic, full recovery is likely to be slow. There will be a lot of trial and error involved in getting the economy back on track while keeping people safe and healthy. Security technology will have an important role to play. Existing technologies will be repurposed, and new innovations developed.

Here are a few security technologies expected to have an impact:

Specialized Drones

Drones can be used to monitor behavior such as violations of lockdown orders, social distancing behavior, and mask usage. Properly equipped, they can also monitor health such as body temperature, respiratory and heart rate, and sneezing and coughing. As people begin to venture back to work, this technology can identify “hot spots” to determine which areas appear to be safe.

Smart Thermometers

Internet-enabled thermometers will make it simpler to save and track employee temperature. Employers can observe patterns in employee temperatures and isolate employees who may be exposed to an infected coworker. It can also monitor temperatures by geographic area. If you have more than one location, it can help you determine which one to open first at the lowest risk.

Contact Tracking

Apple and Google have partnered to create software that will enable them to track who an infected user has been in contact with and notify those individuals so they can isolate themselves. This early warning system will reduce the chance of an exposed employee reporting for work and spreading the virus to coworkers.

Thermal imaging cameras

In crowded areas such as large workplaces or public transportation, cameras can identify people with raised temperatures and prevent them from coming in contact with other workers. Both remote and on-site security can be used in tandem to identify risk and enforce compliance.


As the economy begins to revive, it is essential to balance the health of your bottom line with that of your employees. The experts at BOS Security can help minimize the impact of Coronavirus on your business. We can provide security guards to help with access control and social distancing or monitor vacant property remotely. Contact us at 404-793-6965 to learn more.

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