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Tools Of The Trade – Equipment Your Security Officers Might Use

If you’ve ever wondered what the tools of the trade are for security officers you’ve come the right place to find out. While the items carried by a security officer depends on the nature of their position there’s some common things you’ll find in the profession.

It may come as a surprise to some but one of the most important tools available to a security officer is their mind. Being alert and of keen senses is an especially important aspect of ensuring public safety on the job. This includes keen (but not necessarily perfect) eyesight and attention to detail.

Being able to detect and diffuse a problematic situation before it becomes unmanageable is important in the industry, it’s the keen senses of BOS Security officers that make good use of them for everybody’s safety.

The other part of these keen senses is critical thinking. It’s not just sharp eyes they need. A good security officer will have their wits about them at all times. They need to be able to stay calm and in control and with vigorous training and experience they are able to handle situations that would send most people running.

There is of course plenty of tools and gadgets you can expect a security officer to have at his or her disposal. While not every officer will use or need all of these pieces of equipment here’s a list of common and important tools.


The iconic security guard carries a flashlight, being able to illuminate the dark has been a staple of the security and law enforcement officers for as long as we’ve been able to do it. While on night shift or patrolling a building at night the flashlight is a very handy tool for keeping an eye on things and investigating areas of interest.

Cell Phone

In the late 80’s to early 90’s nobody would have predicted the type of technology we have in our cell phones now, the modern smart phone has really become the must have tool for everybody not just in the security field. Having a smart phone includes tools that used to take up plenty of space on the officer’s belt.

Including a high quality digital camera, GPS tracking and emergency phone numbers at a glance the humble everyday smart phone is extra important for people working in the security industry.


What an invention, not just useful for holding your pants up. To a security officer the belt enables them to easily carry and secure many of the items in the list safely and with little fuss. The humble tool belt is an essential part of being a security officer.


A good pair of sturdy boots is essential. A lot of security guards will spend quite a bit of their time on their feet or on patrol and being mobile. Having a pair of sturdy and high quality boots means you won’t be having problems with your feet on the job and this is very important.

Security Baton

Not needed in every security position but the security guard baton is an important piece of equipment for controlling difficult situations and to protect themselves and others. Like firearms these weapons are important to have as they can prevent or diffuse a potentially dangerous situation by just having one on your belt.

Small First Aid Kit

A small first aid kit is a great tool to have. Useful for treating minor wounds until proper medical attention arrives. While you hope you never have to use it having the kit nearby is a great way to provide a helping hand to somebody in need, security related or not!

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