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What Does An Airport Security Officer Do?

Often referred to as a Transportation Security Officer, the airport security officer has quite the challenging role in providing security to the traveling people of the whole country.

Responsible for meticulous screening of passengers and their luggage required by law to board an airplane in the US. Often present at multiple checkpoints of the airport you can expect security from the perimeter of the building all the way to the check-in and everywhere in between.

Perhaps one of the highest security risks found in modern aviation comes from dangerous items stowed in the luggage whether deliberate or not. Frequently using X-Ray to see through and screen passenger and crew baggage is an important part of the overall airport security process.

When it comes to passenger’s security need ensure people aren’t carrying on dangerous items on their body, using metal detectors is a key component of this. The other method used is the keen senses and experience of a security officer to look for changes in behaviour by passengers.

Security risk passengers who are knowingly breaking the law are often agitated and jittery. Using their body language security officers can detect and apprehend these people before they do any harm. With BOS Security we have the highest training in place for our officers whom are mostly ex-law enforcement and are trained and skilled at dealing with security threats before they even present themselves.

This means the most important quality of an airport security officer is his or her attention to detail. They’re alert and ready at all times. Operating in one of the riskiest security areas in the world requires these officers to be at the top of their game at all times.

Airport security also work very closely with the airport police and other law enforcement agencies. An effective security outfit have a close relationship with law enforcement to ensure any issues are dealt with correctly under the law.

There’s another aspect of security services that becomes particularly important for airport security, customer service and communication skills.

Officers working in the airport security sector require thick skin, passengers are often irate and running late, having missed a connecting flight, things that can happen to anybody trying to travel anywhere in the world.

It means those security officers need to be able to communicate effectively and handle difficult passengers, customer service skills go a long way here as it enables the security officer to get their job done and the passengers and baggage screened with minimal delay to the traveling public.

Officer fitness is a highly desirable trait for airport security services. Being a demanding job with periods of extremely high passenger throughput it’s important for security officers to be healthy and physically able to deal with the strenuous work involved in the job. Not just running but keen eyesight and hearing go a long way in helping a security officer detect an unusual situation or security risk.

It’s almost like detective work at times, passengers on the whole are a very good bunch of people but there’s always people trying to smuggle things, knowingly or not, into their luggage or person and therefore onto an airplane.

Post 9-11 the airport has become a place of far greater security scrutiny, to protect ourselves and each other from security risks the airport security or transportation security officer is an essential piece of America’s security services.

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