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Remote Guarding In The Atlanta Area – Is It Right For You?

Here at BOS Security we like to tailor our security solution directly to the needs of your organization. This sometimes means there’s no need for a boots on the ground approach in every situation or at all times.

Being able to provide security remotely is a viable option for many locations and organizations. BOS Security is the company you need for this job.

There’s a few great reasons as to why remote guarding is an excellent option. There’s a solution for everybody and not all of them will involve remote guarding, and some solutions may require a mix of both.

The Remote Guarding Advantages

There’s a primary advantage of remote guarding, that is your able to effectively guard and monitor far more of your premises without covering the entire area with guards. Potential threats are spotted by the security cameras and analysed.

Once this remote threat assessment has been completed we can then send a guard to investigate further or use the PA system to warn the potential threat to back off. This works most of the time and can save the guards and your organization trouble.

Alarm Response And Verification

Nobody likes a false alarm, often without remote security services facilities with a lot of restricted areas or alarmed doors have to send a guard running whenever a guest or employee accidently opens an alarmed door, even by mistake.

With remote guarding your PA system can come in handy, and false alarms are dealt with remotely without having to go through the trouble of sending a guard and creating a scene. This saves embarrassment for your guest and provides a wider security net for your premises.

Employees Escorted Safely… Remotely!

We often see late night working employees escorted back to their car with a security guard, this can heavily drain the resources of your security and sometimes create a situation where employees feel like they need to wait until a guard becomes available for an escort.

With remote guarding you’ve got the cameras the whole way. When it comes time for your employees to leave for the night your remote guarding solution will have them under the careful gaze of the security camera operators all the way back to their car.

This provides your employees and of course guests with a high level of safety and is a must for any large organization with a large car parking facility.

Remote Patrols And Perimeter Protection

A core component of security services is providing security to unwanted entry to a facility grounds. Traditionally done by having guards roam the surroundings of the premises this isn’t always necessary. With remote guarding the perimeters can be monitored by a guard at the remote guarding station but that isn’t all.

With modern technology, higher resolution cameras and some smart software, your remote guarding solution now includes a CPU. The software available today is able to watch the camera feeds and look for things that people might miss. It could search for particular faces or objects in any of the numerous video feeds.

From here the software will alert the guard monitoring for verification before issuing a response. This is an amazing way for very large facilities to cover a large area for unwanted entry. It also provides a fantastic benefit to private clubs and organizations that have regular but unwanted visitors. With software that can learn to detect a face on camera and alert a guard any blacklisted or banned visitors will be noticed early and turned away long before they become a problem for your organization!

How To Get Your Organization Secured With BOS

This starts with our Security Needs Assessment; this obligation free assessment will allow us to find the perfect solution to meet your needs. Please feel free to call us on 404-793-6965 to talk to our friendly customer service team if you have any more questions.



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