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Retail Mall Security – Why Large Shopping Districts Need To Invest

If you look at any place where people gather you’ll see a heightened risk of security problems. In the case of retail malls and shopping districts the risks revolve mostly around theft of merchandise.

Most people thankfully go shopping to enjoy themselves and spend time with friends and family, however there are people who frequent shopping malls to take advantage of the crowds and distractions to shoplift while the retailers are too busy to notice otherwise.

Losses In The United States From Shoplifting & Fraud

If you look at the US alone one survey in 2013 found there was a staggering $44 billion loss which is eventually passed down to consumers.

These losses were mostly due to theft by customers, scams, employee dishonesty, administration errors or supplier errors/scams.

Fearful Retail Staff Can Let Thefts Occur

Most shoplifters are not noticed by store staff at the time of their offence, and some staff members are too reserved or fearful to approach or intercept an attempted theft. Having a security presence at the mall and at high risk retail locations goes a long way to deter theft.

It also provides additional benefit to the employees and guests of the mall. Knowing that the shopping district you visit takes pride in its retailers and their products will drive more customers and fewer thieves to your shopping mall!

Staff Member Dishonesty And Theft

While it’s true that a lot of losses come from outside there’s a fair bit of loss from within. Having excellent policies in place for your staff to deter internal theft is critical.

Instant dismissal is a commonly used tactic to prevent employee theft but surprisingly internal theft almost eclipses external theft in some businesses. Even while the risk is far greater people still try to steal from their employer.

At the very least you need to have the security services of BOS Security on your side to watch for both internal and external thefts.

Utilizing both CCTV and on the ground patrols and a mix of other technologies BOS Security can minimize the shoplifting risk for your shopping district

All the while providing an outstanding service to your customers in the safety and peace of mind their presence provides.

Relying On Product Based Security Isn’t Enough

Most if not all retailers rely on traditional shop methods of preventing or deterring theft, the most common one is security tags on items and alarmed gates at the shop entrance.

For determined thieves these devices aren’t enough to prevent a theft, the security tags themselves are easily removed by thieves who know what they’re doing.

There’s a good chance that while using facilities like changing rooms a typical thief can remove security tags and walk out with a retailer’s merchandise without setting off a single alarm.

Having a mall security presence makes a big difference in these situations, most retailers can spot a thief easily by their behaviour and being able to call in the security for help will hinder or completely prevent this type of theft from occurring.

Because BOS Security officers are mostly ex-law enforcement they’re well suited to spotting thieves and suspicious activity, the best solution here is a prevention rather than a response and retrieval.

These officers are highly trained security experts and will be able to handle these types of security situations with ease and professionalism.

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