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6 Common Airport Mistakes Travelers Should Avoid

While not all airport mistakes are security related, we’ll cover 6 common mistakes people make at the airport.

Here’s some important mistakes that the travelling public make frequently and you should do your best to avoid them whenever possible.

Not Using The App Provided By Your Carrier

Most major carriers in the US have a nice smart phone app which their passengers can download, this tool is invaluable to the traveler long before the flight. This app is handy because it can tell you of delays or cancellations before you even head to the airport.

This will save you plenty of time and stress and you’ll end up spending less time waiting around at the airport. There’s also an app called GateGuru which is like a Yelp for airports.

Not Checking In Online

If you’ve got the option to check-in online take it! This saves everyone else time and effort and helps the airport run smoother. It helps the airport security to keep things flowing smoothly from the check-in to the gate.

The fewer people clogging up the check-in lanes the better from both a passenger and a security perspective.

Giving The Airport Security A Hard Time

Everybody has a job to do. When it comes to the airport security their job is particularly important. If your bags need to be opened for inspection or a security officer pulls you aside for a random check, there’s one thing to remember.

They’re just doing their job, which is to keep you and the other travelers safe! Long flights and delays can drive anybody mad, and travelers especially long distance ones are prone to be grumpy and upset.

But we can all learn to treat each other better at the airport by understanding the important job that airport security does. Don’t take your frustrations out on airport security as they’re just doing their job.

Many people get upset or grumpy with airport security procedures however you can be certain that everything they do is to protect you so that you leave and arrive at your destination safely.

Forgetting About The TSA Pre-Check

If you’re a frequent traveller you should remember about the TSA Pre-Check.

This time saving technique is fantastic way to avoid the often-long queues, the pre-check lines are often shorter and can save a regular traveller plenty of time and stress especially when you fly a regular route.

There’s an enrolment fee for the service but for a regular traveller this service will pay for itself in saving your time and stress.

Because you won’t have to remove your shoes, computers or liquids you save plenty of time and hassle going through the Pre-Check line. The Pre-Check is good for a full 5 years and is a must for any frequent flyer.

Sending Your Personal Information Over The Airport Wi-Fi

Who doesn’t love free Wi-Fi! The convenience of using the internet anywhere, especially while waiting at the airport is fantastic. There’s one major problem though.

The Wi-Fi at the airport isn’t as secure as you’d need it to be to transmit personal or sensitive information over. The sheer volume of people around the area creates a security risk for your digital data.

If you’re going to connect to free Wi-Fi at the airport you should keep your activities purely entertainment related and refrain from doing any data sensitive work. Also, make sure you have a firewall installed and some good anti-virus solutions too.

Not Marking Your Luggage

It’s not just an inconvenience when you can’t find your luggage after a long flight because your bag looks the same and you forgot to mark it, there’s also a security benefit to having every bag identified so should it go missing security can easily identify the owner.

Getting it back to you ASAP is a priority but unmarked bags are treated with suspicion especially in the airports and transport terminals across the country.

You don’t want your unmarked bag to be the subject of a bomb scare or security situation and neither does the security!

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