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7 Ways To Make Your Business More Secure Against Theft

Most people know the sting if losing something, be it from careless placement of your car keys, all the way to having your phone or wallet stolen.

When it comes to your business, warding against theft and break-ins is even more important. There’s too much at stake to leave your business, assets and your staff and guests vulnerable.

There’s plenty of ways to protect your premises from theft and vandalism but we’ll cover 7 that are very important that covers most business types.


All doors and outside entrances should be of solid and sturdy construction. If you leave your doors open to attack they’re easy targets for thieves and vandals to break into after your office is closed. Jambs around the doors should be solid and exposed hinges pinned to prevent removal.

Simple solutions like this make it much harder for a thief to break in.

Locks & Padlocks

Where appropriate, locks & padlocks should be used on outside entrances. Inside security doors ideally should be double-cylinder deadbolts with removable collars.

If you use padlocks for staff lockers or other storage areas they should be made from hardened steel. Be weary of padlocks with visible serial numbers which could be used to fabricate new keys.

Always change the default access number on rotary locks if you must use them, 000 might be easy to remember but the risk is too great.


Ensure your windows are locked and secure when the business closes for the night. Ensure they have secure locks installed. There are burglar resistant glass treatments available such as polyester security film which can be used with glass break security alarm systems.

Heavy metal bars and grates could be useful on rear facing windows in high risk areas.

Check with your local fire code inspector before installing grates or metal bars.

Lighting & Visibility

A well lit premises makes it much harder for break ins to occur at night. Ensure your lights have vandal proof covers on them and their electrics to ensure they’re not broken or tampered with.

Well lit entries and exists are helpful for your guests and your staff during darker hours of operations.

Alarm System & Security Patrol

Every business is different, while you might have an alarm system installed it’s essential you have the security response to go with it. BOS Security offer a security needs assessment which will take an obligation free look at your business and operations and tailor a security solution to your needs.

Just following these tips alone isn’t enough to provide true security for your business, so don’t hesitate to contact us on 404-793-6965 for more information.

Cash Registers

If you have a cash register in your shop, it should be in plain view from outside the building. This will make it easier to monitor. Cash registers should be left open when empty.

Don’t forget to keep your cash on hand float to a minimum.

Exterior & CCTV

Your building and perimeter should be secure, check areas including the roof and basement for signs of weakness in you security net. Ensure your CCTV cameras are operating and test their video feed from time to time.

Keep in contact with your BOS Security Representative to ensure your security needs assessment is accurate and doesn’t need to change.

Any upgrades to your property or the area surrounding it might require and adjustment in your security needs and BOS will tailor your security solution when the need arises.

Don’t Forget To Contact Us

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