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Keeping Your Children Safe At Big Events – Security Tips

Talk About Safety With Your Children

If you’re attending a large event, such as a concert or a carnival with your children for the first time, it’s essential that you talk to them about safety.  Make sure they know what the event is, roughly how many people will be there. Ensuring that they know what to do if you ever got separated from you.

If your children know what to expect from a large crowd they’ll take more care not to get separated and stay closer to you.

If attending an event with assigned seating (cinema, sporting event etc) make sure you give the seat ticket your child to keep in their pocket, it helps security services and venue employees to help relocate a lost child to their seat and therefore their family.

Take A Photo Before You Leave

While most families do this often before and during an event, it’s important to take a before photo. If one of your children becomes lost in a crowd having a photo of exactly what they’re wearing will be very helpful for event security and staff to locate your child soon! more often than not they’ve just been distracted by bright lights & sounds somewhere else nearby.

Establish A Home Base

As soon as you arrive at the event location, find a well lit, open area near officials and the help desk if there is one. If your kids ever get lost and they can’t find you, they should head to this home base location. Your children will be able to alert event staff that they’re lost and keep them safe until you arrive to pick them up.

Teach Them To Identify “Safe” Strangers

If your kids know the difference between a stranger, and somebody helpful (security, staff, police etc) they’ll be able to get them selves to safety without bothering strangers. While most strangers wouldn’t dream of hurting anyone let alone your children there are of course risks with certain individuals.

Ensuring your kids know who to approach if they’re lost or need help is a big step in keeping them out of the hands of bad people and back by your side ASAP.

Stay Close And Together – Always

Losing a child in a crowd is an extremely stressful experience for both the parents and the child. One of the best ways to ensure your children stay safe is to never let them leave your side. It might create a few problems with one kid wanting to go one way, and your other one wants to go somewhere else but this is worth the safety gain.

Never split up on purpose, and always keep an eye on your children when navigating crowds. If every child is holding the hand of a parent you can navigate large crowds together without losing anyone.

Should the worst happen and one of your kids gets lost or separated, the above advice and tips might help your children to get to safety quickly and responsibly.

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