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5 Security Measures You Can Take To Protect Your Rural Airport

Just because your airport is small or rural doesn’t mean it won’t attract the kind of security hazards and threats that are commonly seen at larger airports. The fact is that smuggling operations can focus on smaller airports. Flying under the radar so to speak.

That doesn’t mean smaller or regional airports need the same security measures that you’d find at JFK or LAX however there’s 5 key areas that an airport of any size can focus on to reduce the risks for their passengers, staff, and property.

Access Control Is Critical

Even at a smaller airport, smuggling operations will often try to use smaller airports to shuffle contraband around the country. Using light private aircraft these criminals can target your airport for smuggling anything from drugs to weapons.

Having a firm security presence which contains thorough access control makes a big difference to the criminal’s ability to get in and out unnoticed and unchecked.

Strong access controls also provide benefits to your passengers and staff. Theft is a problem in any workplace, government, or private sector it’s always a risk. Access control helps keep a check on who is going in and out, and when.

This makes it much easier to track down potential thieves if the CCTV doesn’t catch them in the act.

On The Ground Security Presence

Depending on the size and layout of your airport you’ll need different levels of on the ground security. These men & women are often armed and patrol the airport grounds looking for suspicious activity, unauthorized entries and responding to general security concerns as they arise.

This is where our Security Needs Assessment comes in very handy, using this tool we’re able to take a detailed look at your security needs and tailor a perfect security solution to you.

There’s always a benefit to having on the ground security, they provide an amazing customer service to your staff and passengers. BOS Security have trained their guards in administrative duties and customer service/communication skills to ensure they are always there to help.

Check In Security

The first frustration and roadblock to a traveler is often the check-in process. Often where delays first crop up on your unsuspecting travelers, this area of the airport can be a hotbed for tired and angry passengers, and security issues can arise from this area.

Security in the check-in area helps to keep the situation under control, even when flights are delayed or services cancelled the security staff can keep people calm throughout what is often a frustrating experience.

Nobody likes delays or cancellations but it’s much worse than having altercations or abuse being hurled at your staff or fellow passengers.

Gate Security

Often the last line of defense before a troublesome passenger boards the airplane, if all else fails and a potential hazard gets passed all forms of security this is where it must be stopped.

Being the last chance to catch a problem before it gets out of control, a guard near the gate area can quickly attend boarding aircraft if a passenger poses a problem, and when aircraft land there’s always a chance security will need to rush to attend and aircraft because of security issues.

There’s no time to waste when it comes to responding to issues like this so having security nearby is essential.

Intercom Systems And Remote Monitoring

With the wonders of modern technology (face recognition, software CCTV monitors) we can now use our CCTV and Intercom systems to provide a wide range of security services to the airport and passengers without having to cover every door and gate with a guard on foot.

Being able to monitor from a security room with CCTV and intercom puts significant value in the security system.

Often the innocent wanderings of a lost passenger can trigger an alarm, with the aid of CCTV and the Intercom your security can quickly recognize the nature of the threat and resolve it without the need to create a security response and create a scene.

Contacting BOS Security

If you’ve got some questions, call us on 404-793-6965 to talk to our expert administration and customer service team.

Don’t forget to take advantage of our Security Needs Assessment, this is a free service and will help you make the right decision around your security requirements.



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