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Airport CCTV – Who Watches The Monitors


You probably already have airport CCTV, but who watches the monitors? For some airports, the CCTV is more about having something to look at only when they need it instead of proactively monitoring for threats.

You have a powerful tool at your disposal if used properly. All you need is trusted security to watch the monitors. With the right people, CCTV becomes a new line of defense and another way to protect passengers.

Unwatched Monitors Help No One

Do you know what goes on in your airport when no one is looking? The truth is, even with security guards, no one can watch every corner, every second. Airport CCTV gives you more eyes, even if security guards and other staff are otherwise engaged.

Unwatched monitors only help you after the fact. For instance, if something’s stolen, you can playback footage and uncover the culprit. Watching in real-time means someone can see the theft and catch the culprit before it’s too late. Having a few extra pairs of eyes gives you far more control.

Think of an unwatched monitor like a gate without an employee. Who is going to be there to make sure only the right people are boarding? You need someone to man the monitors to increase your airport’s overall security.

Prevent Issues Before They Start

One of the main reasons many airports use CCTV is to discover potential unlawful acts against aviation and passengers. It’s a preventative measure to spot suspicious activity and take action immediately instead of waiting for something to happen.

The only problem is you need someone who knows what to look for. Professional surveillance services give you people who are trained to watch people and uncover potential problems before they become an issue. Wouldn’t it be nice to be more proactive just by using CCTV and remote guarding services?

It’s true that staff and security guards within the airport watch for security problems too, but they’re restricted to a small area. CCTV allows a single person to monitor multiple areas at once. It’s a wider range of view, leading to fewer overall issues at your airport.

Keep Passengers Where They Belong

No matter how many signs you place around your airport, some passengers still walk right past them. For some passengers, they’re just curious about what might be in those restricted areas. For others, they’re so stressed out about flying that they simply don’t pay attention.

There are areas of your airport where it’s not safe for passengers. After all, you don’t want passengers to suddenly walk out on the runway at the wrong time. With hundreds or thousands of people hurrying to the right gates, it’s impossible for staff to notice where everybody is.

With monitored airport CCTV, you always have someone monitoring those specific areas where passengers aren’t allowed. A quick call to an employee and the passenger is set back on the right path.

Deter Crime Before It Happens

In a perfect world, everyone would behave simply because it’s the right thing to do. Sadly, that doesn’t happen. Putting up a sign that advises passengers that they’re being monitored via CCTV is a good start, but anyone who wants to cause trouble is going to actually check to see if they’re being monitored live or not.

If they discover the monitors are unmanned, they know the likelihood of them being caught goes down exponentially. If someone is watching the monitors at all time, it’s far more difficult to sneak around and get away with whatever they might have in mind.

Simply having people watching the monitors is enough to deter many would-be airport criminals. While it won’t stop everybody, every threat you do prevent is one less to deal with later.

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