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The Benefits Of Securing Your Business With BOS


If you’ve never considered security beyond cameras, it might be time to re-think your security strategy. Rising security incidents mean you might need a partner to help reduce problems and provide a stronger layer of security than surveillance alone.

Our Atlanta based security company is here to meet the needs of a wide variety of businesses. From offices to gated communities, BOS Security has the experience and dedicated staff to meet all your unique security needs.

Long-Term Security

Our focus is long-term security. For instance, a mall doesn’t just need guards now and then. A mall needs security all the time, even after hours. When you invest in security with BOS Security, you’re investing in security that grows with you.

Our guards are trained, but learning your specific needs takes time. The longer we work with you, the easier it is for guards to feel like a vital staff member. You learn to rely on them and embrace the sense of security they bring to your business.

Customized Security Options

We partner with you to understand your routines, customers (if applicable), employees and risk factors. Any security company that doesn’t take your unique risk factors into consideration isn’t a company that fully understand security.

At BOS Security, we work alongside you to create a customized security plan. It’s easy to make changes at any time. For instance, if your gated community has several big events a year, you may need additional security temporarily during those times.

Trained Guards For Your Needs

Our guards are trained by experts in their fields. We won’t send you guards who have no training or experience in your type of security. This doesn’t help you at all. After all, it’s our job to handle security. With properly trained guards, risks are reduced and employees and customers feel even safer.

Instead, you’ll always have expert security, hand-picked to meet your needs. This is why we do a security evaluation to better understand your risks and what type of security you’ll need.

Reduce Security Incidents

Just the presence of security guards helps to reduce security incidents. However, having trained security in place allows more incidents to be stopped before they become major problems.

For instance, a trained guard who is monitoring security cameras may notice suspicious activity that a store employee doesn’t. Instead of a dangerous situation as an employee tries to a catch a shoplifter on the way out, the guard steps in and quietly handles the situation.

This leads to a safer environment. When employees and customers feel safer, this leads to more business. For gated communities, security is a top priority and if you have security that vastly limits incidents, you’ll have the type of community that has a waiting list to get in.

Security That Expands With You

Odds are, you have a business that you want to see grow. Maybe you’re starting off small and only need a few guards to handle one location. As you expand, so does your security needs.

You don’t have to change security companies. BOS Security doesn’t just handle security in Georgia. Instead, we work with companies nationwide. If you have a branch in Georgia and another in Washington, we have you covered. We’ll even create individual security plans for every location.

Enjoy Peace Of Mind

Above all else, using BOS Security means you get peace of mind. You’re not a security expert and you shouldn’t have to be. Take the stress off yourself and trust a company that knows how to recognize and handle threats quickly and effectively. You’re free to handle growing your business while we quietly keep you safe and secure.

Contact BOS Security

Want to talk to use about securing your business or community with BOS Security? Call us at 404-793-6965 and one of our friendly team members will answer all your questions.

Learn more about what type of security you might need with our free Security Needs Assessment. Every business is different and so are their security needs.

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