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Long Term Security Solutions – 7 Reasons Why Maintaining Your Security Is Important

What type of security does your business or community currently have? Odds are, you might have unmonitored security cameras or an alarm system for off hours. You may even hire short term security from time to time.

The problem is this might not be enough. Temporary security solutions are cheaper, but they may cost you more in the long run. Long term security solutions give you optimal security and even save you money from theft and other security incidents.

1. Know Who To Rely On

When you only have security professionals on-site now and then, you don’t honestly know if you can rely on them or not. You don’t know how they’ll react in a bad situation. They’re usually not there long enough for you to feel comfortable relying on them.

On the other hand, long term security means you build trust. After a few incidents, you know you can lean on them for your security needs without having to worry.

2. Everyone Recognizes Security

You want your employees and customers to feel safe and when they see the same friendly faces every day, they know who to go to when they suspect something’s wrong. When you only utilize security services during busy times or special events, your employees don’t feel as safe. After all, security threats can occur at any time.

If you’re using uncover security, it’s also a good idea to use long term security guards that your staff learns to recognize. This means they’ll be able to easily alert them to any situations that may be getting out of control.

3. Build Long Term Relationships

Think about your staff for a moment. Is it easier to build a great team and stick with them or deal with a high turn over rate? Each time you bring in new security, you have to introduce them to everyone, show them around and get them acclimated to your area.

This time consuming process isn’t necessary when you build long term relationships. Even when you get new guards, the security company you use is already familiar with your needs and prepares the guard for you.

4. Better Understand Your Security Needs

The longer a security service works with you, the better they understand your unique security needs. They learn your routines and what areas are weakest and need more support. Short term security solutions usually only tackle the most obvious issues. This isn’t enough to fully protect you.

You need security services that grow with you. This saves you time and money, while still keeping you safe.

5. Security Isn’t A Temporary Thing

Despite crime rates slowly decreasing, Americans don’t feel safe. They don’t feel safe shopping, walking to their cars or even going into work. Security threats aren’t something that only happen certain times of the year or in certain areas.

Security threats always exist. Short term solutions only protect you temporarily. What happens when the security is gone? You must maintain your security in order to stay more secure for the long term.

6. Criminals Are Always Watching

Criminals are ever vigilant. Organized retail crime is a prime example and it costs retailers over $30 billion a year. Criminals are always searching for weaknesses in businesses. Businesses without an obvious security presence are prime targets.

This means you need long term security that’s always on your side. If criminals are always watching, you need security that’s always watching.

7. Continually Deter Threats

One of the top benefits of having long term security is guards will continuously deter threats. The presence of a guard or guards is sometimes all that’s necessary to prevent someone from doing something bad. Prevention is always better than having to engage with a criminal. It’s safer for everyone involved.

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