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What Makes A Security Service Provider A Good Candidate For Your Security Needs

Security Service Provider

A quick Google search for “security service provider” yields over 12 million results. No one has the time or energy to sort through that many possibilities.

So how do you know if a provider is a good candidate for your needs? Luckily, it’s easier than you might think to narrow down your choices.

Every security provider is different and they’re not all created equal. The best stand out because of long standing reputations of excellence. Below are just seven ways to pick out some of the best candidates for your needs.

1. Specific Training For Your Needs

Some companies specialize in specific types of security, such as retail, airport, remote guarding or gated communities. Others offer general security services. General guard services usually aren’t as effective because the guards don’t have the training they need for the unique situations that come with different types of businesses and locations.

The best security service provider offers different types of security options along with properly trained guards in each type of security. At BOS Security, we offer various types of services with guards that specialize in each area.

2. Custom Security Options

Security never has and never will be a one-size fits all solution. What works for Business XYZ won’t work for Apartment Complex ABC. You need a company that will work with you to determine the best security approach to keep you safer. The end result is a customized plan to optimize security.

3. Unmatched Customer Service

No one likes dealing with poor customer service. With a security service provider, you want a business that is always ready to answer your questions and address concerns. At BOS Security, we want customers to always know that support is just a quick call away and a friendly team member will help you immediately.

4. Security That Grows With You

The great thing about a long-term security provider is the security actually grows with you. As much as we would love to say we fully understand your needs from day one, there’s always a slight learning curve for both us and our customers. The best security providers go the extra mile to continue building lasting relationship with customers to provide the best possible experience and security.

5. Strict Hiring And Extensive Training

If you can’t find any details on staffing requirements and training, the provider probably isn’t a good candidate for your security needs. The best providers are proud of their strict hiring process and extensive training. After all, it takes the right people to make a security company truly amazing.

At BOS Security, we hire only the best and continue training throughout a guard’s tenure with us.

6. People Who Truly Love Their Jobs

This might not seem like an important requirement, but think about this. Would you rather have guards on hand who love what they do and get along well with staff or residents or have a guard who couldn’t care less and often dozed during their shift?

It takes passion to provide the best possible security. BOS Security’s guards love what they do and it shows in how they do their jobs. For them, it’s not just a job, it’s a career in protecting others.

7. Established Reputation

While a brand new security service provider isn’t a bad thing, you’ll probably feel more comfortable with a provider that already has an established and well-respected reputation in the industry. When contacting a company, ask for references and what types of customers they’ve worked with.

The best candidates will gladly provide people you can talk to to verify their reputation. They’re proud of the work they’re doing now and in the past. While they may not be able to tell you every customer they’ve worked with, they will have a few that serve as references. For instance, at BOS Security, we have a list of the types of clients we’ve served so far.

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