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Residential Security – Best Guidelines To Picking A Security Company

Residential Security Service

No one wants to experience the trauma that comes from having your home burglarized. With residential security services, this threat is significantly reduced.

Having security guards gives you extra peace of mind. After all, choosing a safe neighborhood is usually a requirement when buying a new home.

Picking the right residential security service is crucial to getting the security your neighborhood needs to stay safer and help everyone sleep better at night.

Why Residential Security Is Important

Odds are, most residents in your neighborhood already have alarm systems, but these only alarm during a burglary. While a sign out front does help deter some thieves, many are still willing to take the risk, which could leave residents in danger.

Even if you’ve picked the safest neighborhood possible, there are still chances for break-ins. In fact, the FBI approximates that one in every 36 homes are broken in to annually. Why take chances if you don’t have to?

Having security guards monitoring the area 24/7 is the perfect compliment to your alarm system. Even if someone gets past the guards, they’ll hear the alarm and be on-site within seconds to help protect the residents. Instead of waiting 10 minutes or more for police, you have someone who is always available to handle situations until police arrive.

Choose Specific Versus Generic

When choosing a residential security service, look for a service that provides specific services versus just generic guard services. Generic is okay, but there are differences in the type of situations faced between residential and mall security for instance. Security isn’t a one-size fits all solution and you need a company that understands that.

Look For Experience In Residential Areas

Before hiring any company, ensure they have extensive experience in residential areas. It’s important that the guards are trained to know how to interact well with residents, deal with dangerous situations without putting residents in danger and know how to spot threats before they become serious security issues.

Here at BOS Security, one of our areas of specialty is residential security. From front gate guarding to active patrols, we have the experience you need to keep your neighborhood safer.

Friendly Guards That Become Close Friends

While guards need to be vigilant at all times, they’re also going to need to interact with residents. This means the residential security service you choose needs to have friendly guards that are happy to learn residents’ names and routines. When residents are able to get to know the guards, they feel even safer because they feel like a close friend is keeping watch over them.

Thorough Training To Prevent Threats

This is the most important thing to look for when hiring any security guard service. The quality of training is crucial in determining how effective the guards truly are. After all, you wouldn’t want someone who only had a week’s worth of training when you could have guards who have years of experience and training.

At BOS Security, our guards have law enforcement backgrounds and training. We require annual certifications for all armed guards too. We also create custom training sessions based on your specific security needs. Custom security is always the best approach to a more secure residential area.

Guard Accountability

One thing that helps set apart one security company from another is guard accountability. You want to ensure the guards you hire are doing their jobs. At BOS Security, so do we. That’s why all our guards can be tracked via GPS. The handheld units our guards carry send out an alert if they’re motionless for more than five minutes, which helps ensure the safety of our guards and ensures you that guards are patrolling as they’re supposed to be.

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