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Hire A Security Guard Attracts More Profit To Your Business

Hire A Security Guard

The security and safety benefits of hiring a security guard are fairly obvious, but how does the extra security affect your bottom line?

While some businesses hesitate to hire guards due to cost, that security could actually bring more profit to your business. It’s an investment that actually helps to boost overall business and profits.

When considering whether you need a security guard or not, think about how it not only provides extra security for your business, but helps your business continue to grow and thrive.

Prevent Shoplifting

Shoplifting is a problem that all businesses face. In 2015, 48% of retailers actually reported an increase in their inventory shrink. A survey of shoplifters discovered that most shoplifters were only caught once every 48 times they committed the crime.

The most immediate problem with shoplifting is it reduces profits by taking merchandise out of your store. However, to keep your business from going in the red, the only way to balance the losses is to increase prices. The result is customers buying less to save money.

With security guards on your premises, shoplifters are less likely to steal from you. They are more afraid of getting caught. Plus, if they do try to steal, the odds of them getting caught are much higher since the guards are constantly watching for suspicious activity. This means less inventory shrink and lower prices that make customers shop more, equaling higher profits.

Create A More Secure Environment

The presence of security guards tends to create a more secure environment for your store. For instance, many malls have guards that escort rowdy groups of teens out of the mall to make the mall a more enticing and safe place for shoppers.

With security guards in place, many trouble makers stay away and those that do try something are quickly escorted out. Customers take notice of the better environment and are more likely to shop with you. They’ll also tell their friends, which may make them try your business over the competition.

Provide Extra Security For Customers

Customers always love when a business goes the extra mile for them. Make them feel safer shopping at your business by having security guards patrolling the parking lot and even walking customers to their cars at night. When customers are trying to decide where to shop, they’re more likely to pick the business that puts their safety first.

With so much crime happening in parking lots, customers will appreciate security that goes beyond cameras and lights. Having someone who is carefully watching for trouble means customers are safer shopping at your store no matter how early or late they arrive.

Boost Employee Morale

It might not seem like employee morale would do much for increasing profits, but consider this. Customer service is just as important as the quality of your products and services. If employees always act as if they don’t care or want to be at work, customers will pick up on it. This means they may go someone else with a more friendly staff.

While there are numerous ways to boost employee morale, an often overlooked method is security. Taking steps to make the workplace safer shows employees you care about them. Going that extra mile to ensure they’re safer from shoplifters and criminals that may wait out in the parking lot for employees that leave late means that the employees are happier doing their job.

The result, of course, is a friendlier staff. Customers will take notice and be more likely to shop with your more, leading to that highly coveted boost in profits.

Eliminate Risky Situations By Customers

No one enjoys shopping at a business that doesn’t know how to handle irate customers. Even when you try to handle a situation yourself, it doesn’t always end well. Having trained security guards on-site means you always have someone around who knows how to deal with irate customers and diffuse potentially dangerous situations quickly.

This contributes to a safer, more pleasant shopping environment. As you’ve already discovered, that makes customers happier to shop with you.

Simply adding security guards to your business is enough to boost your profits, make customers happier and make employees feel safer.

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