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How To Power Up Your Corporate Security

Corporate Security

From employees to data, corporations have much to protect. However, security isn’t always as great as it should be.

It’s easier than you might think to power up your corporate security. Making even a few changes boosts security and even saves you money by preventing security incidents

For best results, implement every item on this list. This creates a full security strategy for protecting your staff and physically protecting data sources, such as servers.

Use Trained Security Guards On-Site

Having at least a few trained security guards on-site is a must. They’re able to monitor entrances, respond quickly to security issues and ensure visitors don’t take detours and end up where they shouldn’t.

For instance, imagine what would happen if an irate ex-employee came by to cause trouble. It could take police 10 minutes or more to respond. On-site security would be there instantly to handle the situation until police arrived.

Partnerships Between Security Guards And Police

Another thing to consider is the benefits of using security guards as a partnership with your local police. For instance, New York City partners with private security firms as part of their NYPD SHIELD program. Police share information with private security firms about potential problems.

Security guards provide inside information about security threats in their specific area as well. Together, they all work to boost not only corporate security, but security for the entire area.

Incorporate Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring, or remote guarding, means someone monitors your security cameras at all times. Instead of waiting for something to happen and then reviewing the footage, the person monitoring the cameras is able to contact you and/or the security guards on-site to handle an incident before it becomes a major security problem.

Add Extra Security Around Sensitive Data

Improve corporate security by physically protecting on-site data. While it won’t prevent cyber-attacks, adding extra security around on-site servers or computers that contain sensitive data is a good way to prevent employees or visitors from stealing data.

Posting a guard outside specific rooms or having them walk hallways where sensitive data is stored is a way to deter potential data thieves.

Improve Lighting Inside And Out

Dark areas, inside and out, are potential points for security incidents. For instance, an entrance that isn’t well lit makes it easier for unauthorized visitors to enter without being noticed. Or, if they are noticed by security cameras, it’s too dark to see their faces clearly.

Better lighting makes it safer for the entire business. From parking areas to hallways, lighting makes a major security difference. Plus, the right lighting actually makes employees more productive.

Limit Access To The Building Or Specific Areas

A quick and easy way to boost corporate security is to limit access to specific areas. For instance, only employees with the right clearance are able to enter specific rooms or floors. It’s also important to limit access to the building itself, if possible.

Security guards are highly useful when controlling who enters and exits the building. They can check for IDs, check bags and watch over visitors until someone comes to guide them to the right office.

Add Electronic Access Control Units

You could give employees keys to access limited areas or you could use electronic access control units. This gives you a detailed record of who comes and goes. It’s also a great way to prevent corporate theft. After all, if the wrong person scans their ID to enter a room, you’ll know. And, if something goes missing, you’ll have records to see who entered the room.

Mix this with remote monitoring and you’ll also have someone to report if a person seems nervous or comes out with something they shouldn’t have.

Limit Entrances/Exits Except During Emergencies

Even if your business has dozens of entrances and exits, they don’t all have to be in use at the same time. Improve corporate security by making the majority of entrances/exits emergency only. This limits how many different ways criminals have to get in and out. It also reduces how many places security guards need to monitor.

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