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Give Your Guests Peace Of Mind

Guests Peace of Mind

Your guests always deserve peace of mind and security helps give them that.

Whether it’s visitors at a hospital, guests at a hotel or even guests visiting your business, it’s up to you to ensure their security is a top priority. In fact, it could be a deciding factor in what makes them return.

Put your focus on ensuring your guests are safe. From surveillance cameras to on-site security guards, every extra layer of security helps.

Prevent Unauthorized Guests

Many hotels, hospitals and businesses require all guests to have parking passes on their dashboards. The reason is so security guards can quickly see if anyone is there who doesn’t belong.

Of course, on-site security also helps in ensuring no one is sneaking in. After all, when people never know when a security guard might walk by or who might be monitoring surveillance cameras, they’re less likely to visit without permission.

In an Expedia survey, 9% of people admitted to bringing in unauthorized guests to their hotel rooms. It’s safer when businesses know who the guests are in case something does happen.

Monitor For Suspicious Activity

Most guests are busy with other tasks, such as looking for a room or office number, to worry about checking out other guests. Still, it’s unnerving to think a business doesn’t have anyone watching out for the security of guests.

Give guests peace of mind by having a noticeable security presence (and not so noticeable) monitoring for suspicious activity. Guests feel safer and don’t have to constantly scan for potential threats.

Ensure Hallways Are Safer

Hallways are notoriously dangerous for guests. Often times, these are quiet areas where security problems may occur. This is especially true if the lighting isn’t bright.

Adding brighter lights and ensuring entire hallways are being monitored by cameras are just two ways to give your guests peace of mind. You can also have guards regularly walk the hallways to check on guests. If you have stairwells, use the same security measures.

Simply posting notices about your security measures is often enough to deter potential crime in hallways and stairwells.

Escort Guests To And From Parking Lots

Parking lots are dangerous places, especially at night. Even if your guests use a parking garage, the lighting is often dim and another guest could pose a security threat.

Security guards are able to escort guests to and from parking lots. They can also keep an eye on vehicles to prevent anything from being stolen. This takes away a large amount of stress and worry from your guests.

Even if guests don’t feel the need for an escort, having high-quality surveillance cameras means you’re able to monitor a guest to ensure they make it to their vehicle safely.

Guests also feel better if there is a security guard monitoring the entrance to the parking lot. For instance, only allowing staff and approved guests into the lot reduces the amount of potential crime.

Respond To Incidents Immediately

Finally, your guests deserve the peace of mind in knowing that any security issues that arise will be taken care of immediately. For instance, if someone tries to snatch a purse, a security guard is just a few seconds away. Plus, if someone’s monitoring the surveillance cameras, many security incidents are prevented.

The good thing is even though police might not be able to arrive until after an incident has occurred, security guards are able to detain suspects until police arrive. This prevents criminals from getting away and makes guests feel safer.

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