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Shore Up Your Perimeter To Keep Them Out

Shore Up Your Perimeter

The first line of defense for any building is the perimeter, but far too often, it’s left unprotected.

When you shore up your perimeter, you keep most threats out. This greatly reduces the risk of any security incidents inside your business.

Physical barriers and security guards make the perfect combination to protect the perimeter and keep threats where they belong – outside.

Benefits Of A Secure Perimeter

If you have cameras monitoring entrances, guards at the doors and even an electronic entry system, you might not think shoring up your perimeter is really necessary. However, every layer of security is one extra step towards protecting your business, employees and assets.

A few of the benefits of a more secure perimeter include:

  • Improved reputation – secure perimeters look more professional and appealing to consumers, clients and potential employees
  • Monitor everyone who comes and goes from the property
  • Reduce the potential for vandalism and theft, especially after hours
  • Protect security equipment – vandals love to damage and/or steal security cameras
  • Provide an additional obstacle for criminals to have to go through, which deters many of them

Securing your perimeter means you’ll have a safer environment, which is well worth the cost. Plus, it’ll save you from lost assets and vandalism costs. You’ll have happier employees and it can even help boost business when customers know it’s safe place to visit.

Using Gates And Fences

One of the most common ways to shore up a perimeter is with gates and fences. Having gates at parking lots ensures only people who belong there are able to even enter the parking lot. Fencing deters people from entering anywhere other specified entryways. Ensure you use taller or solid fencing to make it more difficult for anyone to simply jump over.

Many businesses provide keycards for employees and an intercom system for visitors. This reduces the risk of anyone getting in who doesn’t belong.

Monitoring Remotely

To make your gates and fences more secure, a surveillance system is vital. For instance, a visitor might have the right name, but how can you prove it’s them or that they don’t have anyone with them? A camera pointed at the entrance helps you quickly see who’s coming in.

Plus, you’re able to see if anyone is jumping the gate or coming over a fence. Obviously, these cameras should be monitored in real-time to prevent any issues from becoming a serious security incident.

On-Site Guards Walking The Perimeter

The next step to shore up your perimeter is to have on-site guards walking the perimeter. It’s impossible to have cameras that monitor every single place around your property. This is where security guards can help. Having a few guards walking the area in random patterns ensures intruders are deterred.

Plus, if something suspicious is noticed, the guards are notified and the issue taken care of immediately. Guards are perfect for after hour protection too. For thieves, these are the most profitable hours, but with extra protection around your perimeter, they’ll usually avoid the property.

Block Off Unused Entrances

Finally, take a look at any unused entrances. You’ll likely focus security on your main entrances, but what about side doors or a dock door that’s never used. Make certain employees, consumers/clients and visitors all know which entrances to use.

For the rest, block them off. This could involve locking them, boarding them up or attaching a fire alarm to them. The fewer ways that criminals have to get into your property, the better.

The same goes for your parking area. Having one way in and out allows cameras and guards to better monitor who comes and goes.

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